Needs: Why Do Some People Feel Guilty For Putting Their Needs First?

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There are some people who are able to put their needs first and to be there for others when it is possible. In this case, it shows that they are comfortable with their own needs and don’t feel the need to ignore them.

Just as there are going to be others who only feel comfortable when they are taking care of others needs. As a result of this, one is going to be there for others but they are not going to be there for themselves.


To have needs is part of being human, and this means it is not something that one can change. What is going to cause problems is when one doesn’t feel comfortable with their needs and always ends up putting others needs before their own.

Live with your Peaks and Valleys

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The Russian economist Nikolai Kondratiev was the first to try to prove statistically, early last century, that there are cyclical movements in the world economy of prosperity (Peaks)¬†and depression¬†(Valleys), a concept now known as the long cycles of Kondratiev. In fact, several natural and social phenomena can be translated by a sine wave with its Peaks and Valleys. Among them we lowlight the discovery by the French mathematician Jean Baptiste Fourier, which proved that the wave of a vibrating string, such as a guitar, is formed by the sum of several other sine format; the sinusoidal ac voltage is the most important of generating AC voltages of electricity; the rainbow colors of the spectrum are all perfectly sinusoidal frequency; the cycle of motivation, sleep, hunger, thirst, and sexual behaviour also follow sinusoidalpatterns. The very mechanics of the walking of a person can be represented by a sine wave, as initially there is an imbalance in the body from the original location where the person is, and rebalancing in a more advanced position toward the desired destination. This effect can be seen more clearly in children beginning to take its first steps. Therefore, this pattern is also part of the individual’s daily life.

Needs: Why Do Some People Feel Ashamed Of Their Needs?

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If one was to come across someone who said that they can live without air, one might start laughing or they could think that there is something wrong with them. This is because human beings need air to survive; they could go against this need, but their life would soon come to an end.

As breathing in and out is something that usually happens without one having to do anything, it is generally going to mean that this need is at the back of their mind. This allows one to carry on with their life and to focus on their other needs.

Emotional State: Can We Change How We Feel By Changing Our Behaviour?

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How we behave influence’s how we feel, and the only thing one needs to do to realise this is to change their posture. Many people realise how their body language not only affects how they feel, they also realise how it affects how others feel around them.

There is then an inner change in oneself and inner change in the other person. And one’s body language can make others warm to them for example, or it can cause them to pull away.

Professional Help

If one was experience some kind of emotional challenge and they were to seek professional help, they may be advised to change their behaviour. They might hear that their thoughts, feelings and behaviour are interconnected.