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Rejection Is Not About You

Monday, August 18th, 2014

Reconcile With Your Self-Esteem

Your heart throbs rapidly, appearing to grow faster by the minute. In a matter of seconds the uncomfortable sensation to flee your body has taken hold. The rejection coursing through you is now palpable; a dull piercing pain in the pit of your stomach which quickly rises into your chest.

Rejection is an all too common experience many cross paths with. Notwithstanding the emotional trauma, rejection can teach us vital life lessons if we are willing to heed its call. Rejection strikes at the heart of one’s self-esteem. Our fight or flight system is activated within seconds, while the brain struggles to make sense of the situation.

If Money is Energy, Then How to Attract It?

Monday, July 14th, 2014

Money is the same as water, same as ground, same as air, it is all energy.

Because it is energy, we can attract or repel money.

Some people are good at attracting it, therefore they are rich.

Some people are not that good at attracting it, therefore they are poor.

Before talking more about it, let’s talk the basic concept of law of attraction.

1. As mentioned above, everything in this world is energy. Our body, tree, bacon, automobile, water, all are energy. Even our thought is energy.

2. The law of attraction states: like attracts like.

3. When we think something, we are emitting energy to the universe.

Now imagine this scenario:

Fear Is Your Best Friend

Friday, July 4th, 2014

A Mind-Made Illusion

In his book Influence Science and Practice, author Robert Cialdini shares a story capturing the transformative essence of fear. In a tribe in southern Africa, the Thonga people hold an annual initiation for young boys prior to becoming a man. A young Thonga boy must endure a series of intense physical challenges before he is admitted to adulthood.

The three-month ritual consists of six major trials: beatings, exposure to cold, thirst, eating of unsavoury foods, punishment and the threat of death. As bizarre as some of these rituals may sound, the young boy emerges a man and in doing so has learned to silence his inner demon – fear.

Relationships: Why Do Some People Repeat Unhealthy Relationship Patterns?

Friday, June 20th, 2014

Just because one is with someone who looks different to the person they were in a relationship with before, it doesn’t mean that their experience is going to be any different. And if ones last experience was generally healthy and functional, this is not going to be something that one is going to complain about.

However, if the relationship they are now in reflects their past relationship and this was a relationship that was unhealthy and dysfunctional, then this is going to be incredibly frustrating to say the least.

This could also apply to someone who is currently taking a break from relationships. After having one unhealthy experience after another; one may have come to the conclusion that it is better to be single than to keep having the same painful experiences or that they need to do something different.