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Black And White Thinking: Is It good Or Bad?

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

While one can think in ways that will enhance their life or at the very least not cause any harm, they can also think in a ways that will limit their quality of life. And the mind is like any other kind of tool out there; with one needing to know how to use it, in order to utilize its capabilities.

Without the right understanding, one can end up being their minds slave and not the master of their mind. One approach might be to blame the mind and to see it as the problem. But that would be like one using a piece of machinery that they don’t know how to use and then blaming it for the damage it has caused.

Are Introverts just too quiet?

Friday, March 7th, 2014

I hear it often – in person, from clients, on the internet – “I’m told I’m too quiet, and need to speak out more.” I’ve had more than one client whose job review included that feedback. And the client says to me, “But I only speak when I really have something to say – and then it’s overlooked or discounted. So why bother?”

Why indeed do introverts so often feel their ideas and offerings are swept aside by other, louder people? Is the ability to influence other people really based on the ability to speak louder than other people?

Emotional Expression: What Can Happen When We Don’t Express Our Emotions?

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

If one was to stop eating and drinking it wouldn’t be long before they would start to experience problems. And if this went on for too long, they would soon die. But while one is likely to be aware of their physical needs in most cases, what they might not be aware of is what is going on for them emotionally.

Or if they are aware of what is going on, they might end up ignoring it. This relates to how one feels about something or someone. The ideal is for emotions to flow, just like a river. And if one can’t deal with them as and when they arise, like a river that is monetarily blocked, they will process them shortly after.

Self Doubt: Is Self Doubt A Good Thing?

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

When it comes to someone having an inner voice that is not supportive or nurturing for instance, there is going to be the need for some kind of change to take place. And if one feels practically paralyzed by this voice, then it is only natural that some kind of solution is going to be sought.

This might be something that happens fairly quickly, or it could take a while. And changing ones inner voice from one that is critical and harsh to the opposite of this usually takes a while.