Unleash your Full Potential, Fulfill Your Deepest Desires and Live Your Life Dreams in 26 Weeks - Starting Today!

Never before in history has humanity faced a bigger challenge. We are on the brink of a quantum leap in the evolution of consciousness.

Current concepts about the mind no long work, and as things appear to fall apart, we are facing increasing threats to our survival as individuals and as a species.

We need to toss our outdated ideas and mental constructs overboard. We need to do it now. We also need to realign with the most potent force there is in the universe - our own consciousness.

Make the Quantum Leap to Living an Extraordinary Life
Dream Manifesto's extraordinary new 26-week online study course can change your life forever. It will teach you how to flourish in a way you never thought possible. You will learn how to make your life abundant and dynamic.

In a few years it will seem that, looking back to the present, you were living only a shadow of your present self. Dream Manifesto's powerful new course will give you the tools you need to make it all happen.

Tools and information that have never before come together or even been made available to the general public in such an easy to understand way.

Information that will absolutely astonish you and lead to a fundamentally new understanding of how to live your life joyfully, in harmony and at peace with yourself.
 This Online Study Course Will Teach You How To:
  • Experience the profound freedom life offers by understanding the principles of evolution and how they apply to you as an individual.
  • Reveal your personal talents, strength and hidden potential by tapping into your powerful subconscious.
  • Live consistently with the exciting understanding that you are your own creator in life. This understanding comes only by applying the powerful Quantum Principles that the mind operates by. Use them and you take charge of your life. Ignore them and life passes you by.
  • Master many more secrets from Quantum Principles that will ultimately help you create a radiant new, more self-aware you.
Weekly Lessons Inside Your Dream Manifestation Wizard
Each week you will receive your new online life lesson. Each lesson includes exercises and additional resources that help guide you clearly and easily to inner mastery of the Quantum Principles.

As an additional bonus the lessons seamlessly integrate with your own Dream Manifestation Wizard to make your mastery even more complete. Each are included as a downloadable template pack that you can obtain online and work with right inside your Dream Manifestation Wizard.

Every template you download gives you an entire week of dreams for your Wizard and you don't even have to put anything together yourself. You don't lift a finger other than to download the template packs. Imagine the power of Quantum Principles available at any time in your Dream Manifestation Wizard!

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This course is currently in development and will be available to only 500 people. We limit the number of participants to guarantee a high level of support for each student.

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