The Beginners Mind And The Three Universal Goals II

Thursday, January 3rd, 2008

But back to the idea of the duality of polar opposites. This tension between polar opposites described by the mystics, interestingly enough, is reflected in the human brain – or, you might say that because the brain/mind creates these divisions, it isn’t a surprise that the brain is structured in a split manner.

The Divided Mind
Your brain, as you know, is divided into two hemispheres, a left and a right hemisphere, connected by a small piece of tissue called the corpus callosum. And, it’s possible for one side of the brain to be more active, more dominant, than the other at any given time. This is called brain lateralization, and the more the brain is lateralized – the more unbalanced it is – the more likely we are to chop the world into separate things and see the two sides of any supposed duality as being separate and opposite.