Is Obsession A Bad Thing?

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

The words addiction and obsession can appear to describe the same thing. And yet there is a clear distinction between the two. An obsession is something that is usually in the mind and can relate to people, things and ideas; so all that is abstract and all that is concrete.

On the other hand, an addiction is something that could be described as a doing and relates to the actions that one takes. It is possible for one to be addicted to something without thinking about it all the time; and for someone to be obsessed by something without the need to act on the obsession.


Harnessing The Power of Productive Obsessions

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

In working with clients as a family therapist, creativity coach and meaning coach I began to see the following recurring pattern: clients would quickly lose interest in activities, projects, relationships and careers that they had started with great enthusiasm.

They would even lose interest in solving the pressing problems that had brought them to me. What was going on? Why were we as a species burdened by this debilitating penchant for starting things with great energy and passion and allowing the fire to die out in no time?