30 Power Words To Activate Intention Setting

Friday, January 15th, 2010

Setting new year resolutions appears to be passe amongst spiritually-aware personal development experts. More people are recommending using intentions or themes to guide our directions at the start of a new year.

Since two years ago, I have also personally found it more helpful to be setting intentions rather than be engaged in traditional resolution setting. In fact, I have found that the use of power words and phrases – to encapsulate the essence or the meaning of the intent – very effective.

Master the Art of Aloneness & Transform Your Life

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

An Interview with Lauren Mackler, author of the book: Solemate – Master the Art of Aloneness & Transform Your Life.

1. There are a multitude of self-help books that address many of the same topics as Solemate. These include books for singles, and books about how to overcome fear, live a more fulfilling life, and build self-esteem. What makes Solemate different from the rest?

Many self-help books targeted to singles are “how to” books for snaring the perfect mate. They reinforce the myth that happiness is found by searching outside yourself – instead of within yourself.

The Reflect Story – Inspirational Affirmations to Wear

Monday, January 26th, 2009

Reflect is a new company on the horizon and is having an instantaneous impact on the way people are thinking about fashion.  For the first time, clothes are being used to better our lives…

The creators of the company are brother and sister, Drew and Caroline, and for the last 15 years they’ve been a source of inspiration for one other.  Turning to the other for guidance and support in times of need, they’ve developed a relationship of encouragement and empowerment.  Growing up they shared the same intense fulfillment in bringing happiness to others, and often, were sources of hope and inspiration for those around them.

Knowing Yourself – The Notebook Technique

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

The whole idea of self-improvement and personal development hinges on a desire to become better in some way in order to get what you want. It is easy to recognize that your life is not how you want it to be; perhaps you want financial freedom, relationships that are more rewarding or a successful career. Whatever the dream, many people believe the first step in allowing it to manifest in your life is working out what changes need to be made.

There is, however, a crucial step which many people overlook. How can you make changes without first knowing yourself well enough to recognize where you are going wrong? The phrase ‘getting to know yourself’ is a tricky one. What exactly does it mean to ‘know yourself’? Surely, everyone knows himself or herself?