Stress Reduction: The Empty Mind

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Everything we do in life is an entrainment. Either we’re acting upon something or it is acting upon us. To clear your mind so you can discover which thoughts and ideas are yours, and which belong to someone else, try this Empty Mind exercise:

Sitting in a quiet place with your eyes closed, take a slow, deep breath as you say to yourself: “I don‚t know”. This is a statement of surrender to the unknown. I don’t know what will happen next. Then release your breath.

Now on another inhale, say to yourself: “I am open and curious.” This leaves you open to change. Then release your breath. Now say to yourself on an in-breath: “I am OK with whatever happens.” This opens you to acceptance.

The Antidote To The Fuzzy Future Syndrome

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Are you ready to get exactly what you want?  Like so many I’ve asked before you, I hear you emphatically responding, “Yes!” Great!  It’s yours!  But…what is it, exactly?  And if you actually got it, what price would you have to pay?

You don’t have to pay any price.  Your dreams are ready and waiting for you to bring them to life.  But shifting gears to focus on the creation of our dreams sometimes feels like a lot of work, and much of it not destined to produce results.  It often seems that if we would only work harder on the current realities before us, we would get what we want through sheer focus of will.