The Next Great Wave of The Future – The Age of Transformation

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Some politicians love to say that this is the information age. They believe that processing information in such large scale as we are capable of today is the ultimate in our achievement and, therefore, the information age is the golden age of our civilization. This is a very narrow view of the human potential.

What is information?
If you don’t have any information about the answers to a problem, then all answers are equally probable, a not-sodesirable situation. With information, the probability of particular answers grow, and your chance of the getting the appropriate answer improves. So information is certainly useful. But information does not make you happy. Sure it can be exciting to use the e-mail to communicate extensively around the world and gather a large amount of information in a short time. And that may help to keep our worrying mind at bay. It is also an occasionally effective medicine against boredom to go surfing on the internet for information that may come in handy later.