10 Impeding Beliefs That Prevent You From Getting Rich

By Thomas Herold in Intention on November 3rd, 2006 / 6 Comments

At one point in your life, you may ask yourself why other people are so successful with money when you’re not. Depending on how closely you look, you will have several answers. Do these sound familiar?

  • They’re just luckier than I am
  • They have a better education than I do
  • They were born into a rich family
  • They are white and have better opportunities than I do
  • They already had money to start a business
  • They already had money to invest in real estate
  • They are smarter than I am
  • They are younger than I am
  • They look better than I do
  • They probably work harder than I do

The list probably continues to fill several pages. Money is the topic that generates the most beliefs, followed by the topic of relationship. I once led a seminar where we investigated people’s beliefs about money. After only 30 minutes we came up with 3 full pages!

Beliefs – Blueprint of Your Reality
You may not know this yet, but your beliefs are the blueprint of your reality. If you knew that, would you deliberately create one from the list above? Probably not, because these beliefs are not supportive at all. These beliefs create a reality that leaves you ‘playing’ the victim, and on top of it, keeps you right where you are. You are not improving your life one bit.

Why are we creating these beliefs in the first place, when we know that they are not constructive at all? The answer lies in the nature of our consciousness. Most of us were told that there is a universe out there and this universe shapes our reality. It is the basic belief that life happens to us. Most of us get these beliefs confirmed several times per day. The result is that our consciousness gets imprinted each day with the same message. The message with the same old belief.

Meanwhile, as adults, we are not even aware that our life ‘as it happens’ is built around a belief. It becomes a profound reality that we prove to ourselves in each moment.

So how do we get out of this dilemma? We need to take a step back and look at our beliefs. Take a piece of paper and a pencil and write down all the beliefs you have around money. Don’t think too much, be spontaneous. When you have run out of your own beliefs, think about what other people’s beliefs are about money.

Then mark each belief with an ‘I’ or an ‘S’ depending if the belief is impeding or supportive. Impeding beliefs do not support creating wealth, supportive beliefs do. Now, look at your list and count each supportive and impeding belief. What is your score? How many impeding beliefs do you have, and how many supportive beliefs do you have?

Imprinting New Beliefs
Realize that all the impeding beliefs do not support the creation of fortune. Now, take a new piece of paper, and brainstorm beliefs that will exactly create the wealth you would like to have. When you are done with the list, go over each of your new beliefs and create a mental image. Hold this mental image for at least 10-20 seconds. You may need some practice, but every time you do it, you will get better with it. Do this exercise in a quiet, calm, and relaxed environment, as this will help to imprint these beliefs into your consciousness.

Remember, beliefs are the blueprint of what will manifest in your life. With a little training, you will be able to move on to the next stage, which is feeling your beliefs. Feel as if these new beliefs, that foster what you really want to create, have actually been manifested.

  • How does it feel to be a millionaire?
  • How does it feel to have abundance in your life?
  • How does it feel to have more money than you can spend?
  • How does it feel to give to others?
  • How does it feel to buy without having to look at the price?

Whenever you catch yourself thinking or speaking an impeding belief about money, stop what you are doing. Go back to the place in your mind where you recall one of your deliberately created beliefs about money, and connect with it. The more you do this, the more you will train your mind to think in a new way. A way that leads to being rich.

By the way – this method actually uses principles of quantum physics. However, that is another story…

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6 Responses to “10 Impeding Beliefs That Prevent You From Getting Rich”

  1. Rinus Vlaar Says:

    Dear Believer,
    My compliments for ur artical about believe.
    As in my city Amsterdam it’s weapon has 3 crosses,
    which stand originally (from the golden ages, the enlighted -renaisance- time we founded New Amsterdam todays New York
    X the crusifix stands for Believe, X the anchor stands for Hope, X stands for Love ….the new world..U..added Trust and when U are that
    way on behalf of all U’ll find you’re living in ‘heaven on earth’ and feel
    An ‘old’ Dutch saying goes ,,the first the best” so Believe is most important, but actally it’s also connected with Hope and Love (and visa versa) Believe that there are no terrorists and there will be no.
    Otherwise you’ll create it…right? (regardless the ‘Rusia get the hell out of Afganistan’ time)
    About the movie 1/10.000 second…Ein Stein also said time doesn’t excist…and if you believe in infinity…we have eternal life….Einstein..
    like the song of the Temptations, but different…my papa was a stone,
    all he left was a moan….and a beautifull space to live in….and the pope
    was right…my world is flat and at the other side are living’stange creatures….and the universe has no end in every direction, so we can say, we’re are the middle.
    Bless everything and U all. I like U under my Skin !
    Rinus Vlaar
    A’dam – Holland (the Netherlands)
    See ‘my’paper the Thought at http://www.degedachte.nl December ‘4 issue
    is also in English and is my best wishes 4 every new year
    ‘Together more, more together’ like on ur site ‘we’re connected’
    -when we were kids, if someone called you names, we used to say
    ,,what you say, you are yourself” with your head in half” in Dutch it rimes…XXX
    PPS About getting rich….to know God is much much much better.

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  3. The Chiuten-Black Webpage » The Quantum Method for Manifesting your Dreams Says:

    […] 10 Impeding Beliefs That Prevent You From Getting Rich […]

  4. Leo Foster Says:

    Very good article on the power of belief and how we are creating our realities
    through the beliefs we hold deep in our subconscious computers.

    There are other beliefs to be considered, including our VALUES and rules.
    If having money is not important to you, or you believe other things are
    MORE important, then, that will also cause lack in your life.

    At http://www.makemoneyfastgetrichbeamillionaire.com you can get the best
    and fastest tools to download directly into your subconscious mind the
    beliefs, values, rules, attitudes and behaviors of the millionaires.
    Once your subconscious computer accepts them, it will be easy for you
    to achieve what the super rich people achieve.

    It is all about beliefs and tools and techniques to ERASE the bad ones and
    REPLACE them with the ones which will allow us to achieve our financial goals.

    Again, very good article. Congratulations.

    leo Foster.

  5. Addy Miller Says:

    Just started to read & enjoy techniques. Will send more comments, as days past by. Congratulations for having the way to help so many people.

  6. Marie Aquino Says:

    To change my beliefs and way of thinking, I played cashflow 101 by Robert Kiyosaki over and over and over again. When you first play, it may take you 3 hours or so to get out of the rat race and then when you play over and over, you see changes in yourself and your belief systems-the last I played, I got out of the rat race in 6 minutes and my husband followed quickly afterwards, 7 minutes. I suggest you play it a lot with a lot of different people and couples should play. I use to play with a group and then I noticed I was changing but my husband wasn’t. So when I saw opportunity, he didn’t..etc. so I got him to play and now we’re on the same page. We have our different styles but the mindset is there. Hope this helps!

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