5 Important Reasons Why Hypnotherapy Works

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Every year, various mental disorders affect millions of people around the world. Anxiety, for instance, may be experienced as only a brief episode occurring only once. For others, however, this anxiety may recur many times, thus impacting lives quite significantly.

Whatever the disorder, it can become a very debilitating condition – especially when left untreated. In recent years, hypnosis and hypnotherapy have slowly become recognized as potentially effective for people with such disorders. This has led to many people in California, Adelaide, and other places to seek out this treatment as an option.

Only licensed practitioners may use hypnotherapy on patients, of course – with the latter being encouraged to see their physicians before approaching a hypnotherapist. Courses to learn the practice and later become licensed are offered in a good number of places, such as Yorkshire and Adelaide, to name a few.

Despite high potential effectiveness, it might not be for everyone. Nonetheless,  hypnotherapy is worth considering. This is particularly true if the disorder is seriously affecting the patient’s life and other forms of management have proven ineffective. So, what sets hypnotherapy apart?

1. Often, people have suppressed feelings and thoughts. Feelings like regret, resentment, or guilt are stored in the body and can actually be the underlying cause for the panic attack or however the mental disorder presented itself.

Hypnotherapy attempts to address these thoughts and emotions, whatever they may be, thus giving the patient the release they unconsciously look for. People can then go about their daily activities without the heavy feeling usually brought about by these thoughts.

2. Hypnotherapy allows the therapist to visit traumatic experiences, memories, and stored emotions at the root or the deepest level possible. Again, this is to help the patient with releasing the experience and negative feelings associated with it. Hypnotherapy to help binge drinking Adelaide, for instance, can uncover the incident that caused the return to alcohol.

Hypnotherapy can also be used to address other bad habits such as smoking. In fact, people in, say, Adelaide, will find no shortage of clinics to help them in this respect.

3. Fearful and repetitive thoughts can often surface in people’s minds. These may be the result of a traumatic experience that triggered the mental disorder – or they could be the trigger. They could also be both, in fact. Once negative emotions are released, the focus turns to replacing the fear-driven thoughts.

The hypnotherapist may make suggestions to encourage positive thinking, as well as use affirmations to reinforce the person’s sense of self and their confidence. This helps the patient accept themselves better, and have a more constructive outlook.

4. There is definitely a link between the mental and physical. Mental disorders can include or result in thoughts that sabotage the self, not to mention potentially harmful behaviour.  After addressing the person’s main concern, the hypnotherapist can then help address things like restless sleep, low energy, or chronic pain.

The therapist can even give suggestions to increase the individual’s motivation to eat well, to exercise more, or engage in other activities to gradually improve their quality of life.

5. Hypnotherapy deals with the subconscious mind rather than the conscious one. This helps both patient and therapist as it means no barriers exist, and the patient is going to be as honest as possible about certain incidents or emotions. This doesn’t mean, however, that the therapist can control the patient.

In essence, hypnotherapy addresses the person as a whole, compared to other forms of treatment where only the symptoms are treated or managed. Due to this, the healing is more effective and longer-lasting. One can either go for regular sessions with a hypnotherapist, or use a hypnosis product like a CD.


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