5 Ways to Reset Your Body Clock

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You are working night shift; hence, you fall asleep in the morning and arise in the evening. It is not surprising then that your circadian rhythm is damaged. But what if you suddenly opt to search for a new job that will need you to get back to typical working hours? Initially, you will have a hard time but after a few days – or weeks – you may find yourself going back to your normal life. Abide by these steps to help you reset your body clock:

Expose yourself to natural light.

Soon as you get out of bed in the morning, open all windows in yourbedroom. It will let rays of sunlight to get inside. More essential, it will expose your eyes to natural light, which consequently informs your brain that it is already daytime and you need to stay awake. In addition, invest some time outdoors. Never make an effort to look straight to the sun as this will harm your vision.

Prevent yourself from daytime napping.

You had a tough time sleeping last night. If your memory serves you right, it was already four in the morning when you drifted off. Because your aim is to switch your circadian rhythm back to its standard structure, you mom woke you up before noon. You seemed heavy-eyed but you pressured yourself to get out of bed. Don’t be troubled this is a common circumstance.

Suddenly, you are feeling sleepy again – but it is still day time. Whenever you can, stay awake. Work on some activities that will assist you to forget about sleeping. If you really can’t make a choice, you may carry out a power nap (15 to 30 minutes of sleep only). Again, ask someone to wake you up after 15 to 30 minutes. Doing so, you’ll be able to enhance your drive to sleep at night and will enable you to create a sleep-wake pattern. When you commence your daytime work, you have already reset your body clock.

Eat meals at the proper time.

Another way to adapt your circadian rhythm is to consume breakfast in the morning, lunch at noon and dinner in the evening. If you still can, you may have goodies in the afternoon. If you are already in your sleep throughout these times, you need to find ways to get up to eat your meals. Your body will effortlessly get accustomed to eating and getting out of bed at these times each day.

Refrain from having a cup of coffee or any other caffeine-rich drinks.

Sipping coffee or other beverages rich in caffeine will reduce the quality of your sleep. Particularly, it will have an effect on your body clock if you take it at nighttime. You will hold off your need to drift.

Night shift workers who suddenly decide to shift to daytime job are afflicted by disrupted circadian rhythm that it becomes difficult for them to bring it back to its normal pattern. If you are one of them, it’s not necassary to feel down or easily go to a sleep physician to ask for help. You may first work on some natural remedies like the ones stated earlier.

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