How to Achieve Wealth from the Inside Out

By Mark Watson in Abundance on October 3rd, 2008 / No Comments

As the economy continues its downward spiral, more and more Americans are becoming rattled and unnerved by their financial position. A recent Gallup “Well Being” Poll (September 25) showed that only 40% of Americans are thriving economically, a drop of over 10% in just one month, while 53% of Americans are now struggling, with their basic needs just barely being met.

It seems like now more than ever the value of creating wealth and financial freedom is paramount. But what to do? The real question should be: “What are you here to do?

We all have a burning desire in us, something that we are meant to do. An obvious example is Donald Trump, somebody who just can’t keep from doing Real Estate. He’ll never retire because he’s in love with the whole process. And of course his success reflects that.

We can only find our highest levels of wealth, success and security when we are doing exactly what we’re meant to be doing. True wealth creation is deeper and more meaningful than simply trying something new, however, and real wealth is more than putting money in the bank. To connect truly and wholly with our destiny we must clear away old habits and fears. We must dare to acknowledge and name those passions deep within and find the best wealth building vehicle that fits with who we truly are.

So creating real wealth begins on the “inside.” Here are a few simple exercises to get you started:

Begin with Your Rumblings
Rumblings are deep inner longings or yearnings—the intuitive whispers that call you. Will you dare to name those passions deep within? You may experience rumblings as a discomfort you can’t quite explain or as feelings that seem familiar. They are primary in identifying your purpose and what you most desire. One of our wealth mentoring students recently said it this way. “What I found truly liberating was discovering that I have a natural fit for achieving success that is uniquely mine.” Ask yourself these questions: Deep down what do I most want out of life? What are the unique gifts that I bring to the world?

Clear Old Habits and Fears
To connect truly and wholly with our destiny we must clear away old habits and fears. A good way to begin is by simply acknowledging what gets in our way. For example, my first rumblings to write Wealth Inside Out were overshadowed by many negative thoughts and beliefs. I would say things like “I’m not good enough” and “What I have to say is not important” and the like.

Then one-by-one I began to silence those inner demons and took action—even when I was not sure of what to do next. Ask yourself these questions: How do I talk to myself about my deepest hopes and dreams? What would I do now if I knew that I could not fail?

Ask for Inner and Outer Help
To achieve wealth from the inside out you will need to cultivate a strong relationship with your interior and seek the counsel of people who can help you succeed. Inner guidance is the secure inner reference place that helps you reorganize around your true priorities. You can access this inner power by asking for help from your higher power, or simply the part of you that knows. Say something like “Please help me find clear direction” or “What do I do next?” and then listen to your answers.

As new possibilities emerge look for ways to make it happen and take action. Whenever you get stuck ask for inner and outer help. Only then will you discover how to become your best most empowered self and realize your greatest dreams and goals.

Don’t Give Up
There may be times when you feel pulled to give up on your true wealth dreams. In fact, without the right support many people do give up and never fulfill what they were born to do. It breaks my heart whenever I see this because there is no need to give up. Help is all around. Finding your place in life (and your true wealth building niche) happens naturally by activating the passions inside of you.

Much like a bird flies south for the winter and a whale navigates thousands of miles every year, you have an internal navigation system for finding true wealth and happiness.

The deeper you reach into the core of who you are, the more aligned you become with your destiny. Allow yourself to be genuinely receptive to the messages life is trying to reveal. As you follow your inner whispers, trust the natural process of life to reorganize around your true wealth vision and around what you were born to do.

Whatever you do, don’t give up. Think of times when you and others have triumphed. Think of sports and how many games are won in the final moments. Following your dreams is an even greater game, one that pulsates with meaning and fulfillment, true success and happiness. There is nothing else like it. Get whatever support you need to realize success, and keep going… keep choosing wealth from the inside out.

Adapted from the book: Wealth Inside out: How I Found True Wealth in Work, Life and Play and How You Can Too by Mark Watson.

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Mark Watson is cofounder of Wealth Inside Out Trainings and has coached countless people from all over the United Sates and Canada to live their purpose and build lasting wealth.
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