Make Every Act A Success with Will and Focus

By Enoch Tan in Intention on March 8th, 2008 / One Comment

There are people who take action after action, and sometimes they fail and sometimes they succeed. It may seem like that is the way to do things. But yet there are the ones who can take action and each time produce results that are considered to be success. There is a key difference in the way things are being done, that separates the successful people from the super successful ones. When you learn that success can come each time you do anything, you can have power to make every act a success.

What makes something successful depends on the intent and energy you put into it. All of creation is the result of intent and energy. When you put in the required intent and energy to make anything happen, it can turn out no other way but a success. The reason why people who take lots of action seem to succeed some of the time and fail at other times, is because they are not approaching each task with full intent of success. They are approaching each act as an attempt rather than doing the work fully.

Your beliefs determine the reality you are capable of experiencing. If you believe that you may not succeed in everything you do, then that is the reality you experience. If you believe that it is absolutely possible to experience success each and every time you truly do anything, then that is the reality you experience. What separates the successful from the super successful is a whole world view of difference. The super successful think and act like God and that’s why they attain godlike results of success.

God or infinite intelligence comprehends only success and not failure, and that is why God can only succeed and never fail. If we can realize who we are as projections of God consciousness, we can achieve the same unfailing results of omnipotence. The way to thinking and acting like God is to put yourself wholly into every action. Focus all your intent and energy into the process of creation itself. Do or don’t do, there is no try. Do it fully and believe it to be a success. The result will only be as you intended.

All creation is an act of will. With the power of the will, you can do anything. The reason for different degrees of success among men lies in the level of will utilized. The will is the faculty of concentration. The level of concentration is level of will. The difference in concentration explains the difference in the manifestation of mental power among men. Through concentration you can get anything you desire. Every desire can be gratified. But whether it is, will depend upon you concentrating to have that desire fulfilled.

You have to intend into the action or process. Every action can be made powerful and successful by holding your vision while doing it, and putting your whole purpose and faith in it. Most people fail by separating mental power from personal action. They use the power of mind at one place and time, but yet they act at another place and time. So their actions are inefficient and unsuccessful. But if all power both mental and physical goes into every act, no matter how ordinary, every act will be a success in itself.

Your will power or energy of intent is like the steam that runs the steam engine of a train. If you want to use your full amount of steam, you must close your valves and direct your power of generating mental steam toward one end. Center your mind on one purpose, one plan, one transaction. Just as it is impossible for a steam engine to run with all its valves open, so is it impossible for you to waste your energy and run at top speed. Focus all your power to make what you do a success, one act at a time.

The secret of success is to be able to hold all of our energies upon one point, to focus all of the scattered rays of the mind upon one place or thing. Use will power in concentrating your mind upon what you are doing at a given moment, and then turning to something else. Hold all of your powers with a firm hand. He who has a firm will molds the world unto himself. The outcome of your every action will not be subjected to external forces because your intent will control those forces to bring you success.

Will is focused intent. You use your will by focusing your intent. The secret of success is focus and consciousness of success. The more you focus on the intent of what you are doing and the success of your action, the more your actions will lead to success. To have a consciousness of success also requires your intent to be backed up by belief in success. Feel that you can accomplish anything you undertake. Many undertake to do things, but feel when they start they are going to fail, therefore they do.

An example would be when you go to a store looking for a particular item. You’re told by the store assistant that they don’t have it. But being determined to get it, you inquire if he knows where to get it. After another unsatisfactory answer, you consult the manager and finally find where the item can be bought. That is the whole secret of concentrating on getting what you want. Your soul is a center of all-power, and you can accomplish whatever you will to. “I’ll find a way or make one!” is the spirit that wins.

When you know that with great concentration you can focus the power of omnipotence, you will kill out entirely your belief in your limitations and at the same time drive away all fear and other negative and destructive thought forces which constantly work against you. In the place of these you will build up a strong assurance that your every venture will be successful. When you learn thus how to concentrate and reinforce your thought, you control your mental creations. You become a master of success.

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One Response to “Make Every Act A Success with Will and Focus”

  1. D.Bheemeswar Says:

    He article is well paced with more clarity. As it is well known that where there is will there is a way. Problems do come and go, but one should not get dishearted if the problem can not be solved on that particular moment. Build the experience, with self critical analysis, which gives more deep wison and rock solid aims. Which I call as Oceans and mountains with us. Then Everything what we do comes out to be success, but should not dilute either the depth or the aims. Such persons those who have such vision are more creative, innovative and also make the lives of others easier by sharing the vision and driving them all the path of truth and virtuousness.

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