The Dream Manifestation Wizard – Demonstration

The following screenshots are actual examples from the program, demonstrating how to use the Dream Manifestation Wizard to set up your goals, desires and dreams.

Step 1 – Define Your Dream

Write the desired outcome of your dream in the text box. The Wizard comes with a detailed instruction manual to educate you and formulate your dreams for maximum success.


Step 2 – Add a Picture

There are two ways to add an image. Either use the button “Load Image” to load an image from the integrated picture library or from any other location on your computer, or simply drag and drop an image from your computer into the image area.

You can also use Google image search to drag and drop a picture. It does not matter how large your image is – the program will automatically resize it to the best dimensions.

Step 3 – Add Your Voice (Optional)

If you have a microphone and speakers connected to your computer, you can enhance the efficiency of your Dream Template further by recording your own voice. This is a very powerful feature because all of your senses are now involved. This will dramatically increase your manifestation ability.

The Wizard Displaying Your Dream Template on Screen

Once you have defined your dream, you setup the Wizard to remind you of your goals periodically. It typically does this using an audio cue (such as a bell or gong, depending on your settings), before the Wizard box gradually displays itself – containing your dream statement, images, voice message, and more. You can customize the display as you desire.

The Wizard will cycle through your selected Dream Templates, helping you to keep on track, and to continue prompting you toward manifesting your goal. When finished (or after a simple double-click), the Wizard will gently dissolve from your screen.

Over 550 Dream Templates Are Already Available

The Wizard can store an unlimited number of your Dream Templates in any of the different categories. To get you started right away you can chose from over 550 ready-made Templates from 70 categories:

Integrated Notepad to Craft Your Dreams

Use the Notepad feature for any ideas or insights you might have that are related to your dreams or goals. You will find 25 questions at the top of the Notepad to give you some ideas. Every time you select the Notepad a new random question appears.

Changing the Appearance of The Wizard

There are many ways to customize the appearance of the Wizard. It is very easy to change these settings, which will be reflected immediately upon clicking Exit.

Changing the Schedule of the Wizard

You can customize the wizard to appear only on certain days as well as within a certain time frame. You have an option to run it on scheduled timings (e.g. every 30 minutes) or randomly, from 1 to 50 times per day.

Create and Export your Audio Sessions to your iPod

Listen to your dreams even when you are not on your computer. Export your Dream Templates to your iPodĀ® or any other MP3 player. Choose between a relaxed, meditative session or an inspiring, motivational one. Choose between a male or female voice. With one click, you can create your own dream audio template.

The Dream Manifestation Wizard is Easy to Understand and Simple to Use

You can start manifesting your dreams in less than 5 minutes. The Dream Manifestation Wizard uses a quantum approach to work with your consciousness. It creates exactly the reality that you define as a blueprint with your Dream Template.

Fun and Amazing!

“My Dream Wizard continues to deliver. I asked for a specific sum of money recently and received one third more than I expected and asked for. This is fun and amazing! I love my Dream Wizard!”

Dr. Marla LaRue, New Windsor, New York

It Is So Simple to Use, I Am Blown Away!

“In the first 10 minutes I used this software I was squealing with delight!!! It is so simple to use, I am blown away! It was so exciting to have a built in structure to remind me of what my top desires are! Every time my Dream Wizard pops on my screen I get totally amped with energy! I immediately told all of my clients and staff to get their own!”

Jeanna Gabellini, Xtreme Abundance Coach

The efficiency of this software cannot be compared to any affirmation or subliminal method you may have encountered before: it is far more powerful and requires zero effort on your part.

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