Amp Up Your Vibration Using Affirmations

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Backed with feeling, affirmations are very powerful statements. Start saying your affirmations with feeling today! Affirmations are a great way to start moving your vibration from a lower state to a higher state fast!

A low vibration is exemplified by:

  • Low energy
  • Self-defeating attitudes
  • Any beliefs that feel less than good
  • Feelings of limitation
  • Lack of any sort – feeling “less than”
  • “Not good enough” feelings about your body, your health, your money, your relationships or absence thereof

These thoughts and feelings are what keep us stuck in recreating more of what we already have . . . not enough. It’s always best to start where you already are.

After all, you can’t be anywhere but where you are. Now this may sound silly, but the truth is that many of us (I used to do this myself) just hate to face the facts about a situation because it already makes us feel bad so why would we want to even acknowledge that it exists? I would just skip to the better feeling – like all the way to bliss. Abraham-Hicks compares that to slapping a happy face sticker on your empty gas gauge so you don’t have to face the bad news that your gas gauge is empty (see:

The saying you can’t get there from here applies in this case. It simply defies the Law of Attraction.

How you are feeling rather than the words you are saying is what represent your true vibration. Your feeling or emotion is the vibrational transmitter that constantly emits impulses outward. These line up with other vibrations similar to what you’re currently emitting.

Make a statement that represents how you are actually feeling NOW, when you think of that thing that makes you feel bad.

“Hmmmm.. let’s see. The truth is I feel really disgusted with myself. I’ve gained a lot of weight on top of already being overweight. I just don’t see the way out. I hate depriving myself and I love food. It feels like a ‘no win’ situation.”

When you know what you don’t want you are in the best position to state what you do want. Now we turn that around into a positive statement. As follows. . .

What I Don’t Want
I don’t want to feel bad about my body. I don’t want to starve myself. And I don’t want to eat boring, bland foods.

What I Do Want
I want to be happy with myself when I look in the mirror. I want to feel energetic. I want to be satisfied with eating and not be a slave to food. I really want to be back into the size 12 clothes in my closet.I want to be fit and trim!

How Will I Feel (when I have it)?
I’ll feel better about my self-image. I’ll have more energy. I’ll feel more like getting out there and mixing it up. I want to use food as my fuel not as a crutch or something to soothe my emotions. I’d really like to be totally free from food concerns, in general.

So now you’ve been honest about the way you really feel. Now we can do some clean-up on your vibration and move your energy a bit.

Remember to start moving your energy forward is all we are after here. From moving it a bit, we can move it a bit further and then keep moving it a little at a time. Over a fairly short time, you can notice how much better you are feeling about your body. Enough to free you up to make better choices; better eating choices, better choices about how you want to move your body.

Interestingly enough the Universe starts supplying you with ideas and influences that support and inspire your new desire, which is to be lean, fit and trim.

Here are some important components of an affirmation:
Since all there really is at any moment in your life experience is the present moment, you need to phrase your affirmation in the present tense. Stay away from the present progressive or gerund form, such as I am going to be fit and trim. This places it in the future. Similarly, stay away from the future tense as well such as, I will be fit and trim. The future never comes – it is always in the future. Now is all we have.

Have you ever been told “Don’t think about pink elephants?”

Naturally, your mind immediately grasps the concept pink elephants. The same goes for the Law of Attraction. It doesn’t respond to negatives since what you are focused on is what is being transmitted.

Keep it simple, straightforward, clear and concise. This way you don’t get muddled down or sidetracked with other cross current thinking.

The affirmation you create needs to feel right for you.

If you get assistance from a friend that’s fine. You may need to tweak it to use your wording, your turns of phrase that resonate best for you.

Speaking of feeling, it is utterly, absolutely, unquestionably important (did you get that you need to pay attention to this?) that you find that feeling place with your affirmation.

That is to say, how will it feel when. . .

  • When you are looking at all the wonderful clothes in your closet that you now fit into and have to choose from.
  • When. . . . . you notice admiring glances from a passersby of the opposite (or same) sex, whichever the case may be?
  • When. . . . . you feel the freedom of movement in your body and you schedule that dance class you’ve been wanting to take?

Affirmation Guidelines:

  • Always keep it in the Present Tense.
  • Keep it positive! Never use the negative form such as: I am not overweight or I am no longer an emotional eater.
  • Keep it short and sweet.
  • Create affirmations that feel right for you. Make it yours.
  • Find that feeling place and put emotion into your affirmation.

There is a transformational model that is very powerful.

That is the BE  -> DO -> HAVE model. But we have it all backward. Most of us think that if we would have the better body, we could go out a do the fun things that help us meet the right people and then we would be more successful in our lives.

Rather, you actually create from the inside out. This is where affirmations figure in so powerfully!

When you really feel, you are in the being state the essence of that state of thinness. You feel (even briefly) slimmer, which allows you access to being inspired to some action the do-ing part. Now you are actually vibrating in a place that causes you to be in the receiving mode of having more of what you’re after.

Breaking it down a little further, notice that wanting to be trim, rather than being overweight carries with it a judgment. It holds the judgment that you are not okay the way you are. That something is definitely wrong with or flawed about you. So being trim for you would allow you to “be acceptable” or “worthy”. Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be at an optimum weight. Just check in to see what heavy sentence you are carrying about yourself and your worthiness.

Working with affirmations that address feeling worthy and accepting yourself exactly as you are can do a great deal to mitigate the stuck energy.

“How can I accept myself at this weight. If I do, won’t that just allow me to go on without changing my eating habits?”

In response to that I ask you, does being a tyrant to yourself help soothe your insecurities about your body or amplify them? It amplifies them! You are worthy. That is unquestionable. You deserve to Be, Do and Have it all. You can have the body of your dreams. You just have to clean up your vibration.

Backed with feeling, affirmations are very powerful statements.

Start saying your affirmations with feeling today! And enjoy the journey.

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