Are Brainwaves The Evolutionary Key to Conscious Awareness?

By Bill Harris in Meditation on April 23rd, 2007 / No Comments

One of the discoveries we made at Centerpointe many years ago – one that has resulted in such a powerful program yielding such amazing results – is that creating the alpha, theta, and delta brain wave patterns of deep meditation could be made progressively more powerful by gradually lowering what is called the carrier frequency used to deliver these frequencies to the brain.

What is doubly interesting about this discovery is a parallel explanation of how evolution happens that comes from an ancient Buddhist/Hindu/Taoist perspective, explaining why lowering the carrier frequency in our modern, high-tech method is so powerful.

For several thousands of years, mystics have said that the entire universe is a vibrating energy and that everything in creation has its own vibrational rate, the frequency of which depends on its evolutionary development. The simpler and less evolved aspects of the universe have a high frequency and a low amplitude of vibration (contrary to popular metaphysical lore, which claims that the opposite is true). Frequency refers to the number of cycles the vibrating wave makes in a certain length of time, while amplitude refers to the height of the wave itself.

In naturally occurring waves, the tendency is for higher frequencies to have lower amplitude, and vice versa. You can see this, for instance, at the beach. The waves that come in more frequently are the smaller ones, those of low amplitude. The larger waves (those of high amplitude), come in at lower frequency. Also note that the high amplitude waves are those with more power, while those with low amplitude are weaker.

The energy field of a human being is also vibrating, and the frequency and amplitude of this vibration vary with the degree of evolution of the individual. The less evolved person, one who often experiences his or her world in terms of separation, dis-ease, stress, and imbalance, has a vibratory level that is high in frequency and low in amplitude. And just as the low amplitude ocean waves have little power, the un-evolved individual has little personal power. As evolution takes place, however, the vibratory frequency slows down, and the amplitude (and with it the individual’s personal power) increases.

This vibration is carried in the body, according to Buddhist/Hindu to Taoist thought systems, in a series of over 365,000,000 branching channels called nadis found in what mystics call the subtle body. The major channels in this system make up what the Chinese call the acupuncture meridians. Initially these channels are tight, and just as a tight guitar string plays a high frequency note, tight nadis vibrate at a high frequency.

As an individual evolves spiritually and in self-awareness, the nadis loosen, gradually vibrating at slower, more powerful frequencies. Why are the nadis of an un-evolved individual tight? Because imbedded in them are all the unconscious programs regarding who we are and what our relationship is to the rest of the universe. To the degree that this programming is something other than oneness, love, harmony, balance, and peace, the nadis remain tight and constricted, keeping the life force energy from flowing freely and causing them to vibrate at high frequency, low amplitude rates.

As we let go of this untruthful programming, the nadis loosen, the life force energy flows more freely, and the vibrational rate decreases. As this happens, personal power increases, and we increasingly experience our oneness with the universe rather than our separation from it. This brings more happiness and
inner peace.

When we expose ourselves on a daily basis to the Centerpointe soundtracks, we are really doing three things. First, we are taking ourselves into the deeper alpha, theta, and delta brain wave states of deep meditation. This opens the unconscious areas of the mind and accesses untruthful programming that is buried beneath our conscious awareness. In addition, beginning in Awakening Level 1 we use silent affirmations to help shift this programming, although merely accessing this part of the mind and bringing this material to conscious awareness causes it to shift, even without the affirmations.

Finally, we are exposing the nadis to frequencies below their current rate of vibration. This lower frequency acts on the nadis like a tuning fork: the nadis attempt to vibrate at this new lower frequency, but since they are constricted with untruthful unconscious beliefs about who we are, they have difficulty doing this – unless they can let go of what is blocking them, which, of course, is exactly what happens.

As you meditate with the Centerpointe soundtracks, your nadis are exposed on a daily basis to a frequency lower than that at which they were vibrating when you began the program. Because of this, all of the untruthful programming vibrating higher than that frequency has been gradually released, until finally the nadis can easily vibrate at the same rate as the technology embedded in the soundtrack.

Once this happens, you have fully integrated that particular level of the program. At this point the soundtracks will not seem as strong as they once did and will not have the same impact on you. When you then move to the next deeper level, you expose the nadis to an even lower vibratory rate, once again creating new evolutionary possibilities.

This is the same process that seekers have undergone in the East for many thousands of years, except that the low frequency tuning fork effect has traditionally been provided by the guru, whose energy field is already vibrating at super low vibratory rates. (This low frequency energy radiated by the guru to anyone in his vicinity is called shakti in the Hindu system, ch’i in the Chinese system, and ki in the Japanese system.)

This is the real power of the Centerpointe program. Not only do we use the Holosync® technology to open the unconscious parts of the mind, allowing what was suppressed to come into conscious awareness so it can be released and healed (helping this process along in the levels after Awakening Prologue with the use of silent affirmations recorded in the participant’s own voice), but we also, bit by bit, gradually reduce the overall vibratory rate of the energy field, allowing more life force energy to flow through the nervous system.

And, as we have said many times, this process can be cathartic. But it is worth repeating once again that catharsis is not intrinsically painful. It is our resistance to the movement of this lower and more powerful energy through the nadis that causes our pain. We resist because we identify with the blockages that are being eliminated.

These blockages are nothing more than our concepts of who we are (often called the ego). In other words, our pain is caused by a case of mistaken identity! We are not these concepts and beliefs – we are much, much more. As we learn to watch the process with curiosity rather than resist it, we relax, we become more peaceful, and the process begins to move more smoothly and more quickly.

If you are already in the program and you have noticed that your soundtracks do not have the same impact they had when you began your current level of the program, and if you are easily able to remain alert throughout your meditation time (though you may still nod out if you meditate when tired), you have probably integrated your current level and may be ready to move on to something more powerful.

As each level is completed, many participants notice a smoothing out of their life experience, but this may not be your experience, especially if you are predisposed to resist, which many are during the first few levels of the program. (I know I certainly was!) If you have any questions about whether or not you are ready to go on, please call our office.

Let me close this letter by once again acknowledging those of you who are in the program for the commitment you have shown to your growth. This program is definitely evolution in the fast lane and can, at times, be intense. It can also be rewarding beyond your wildest dreams as each quantum leap in awareness shows you new aspects of yourself and your world. I want to thank you for allowing me to play a small part in facilitating this process for you – that, at least in part, is my dream.

I eagerly look forward to your new growth and new breakthroughs as you move on to deeper levels of the program.

If you’re not in the program, please – take the leap. We’ve done everything we can to make giving the program a try risk-free and financially easy, and we invite you to join us in creating greater happiness, inner peace, and greate self-awareness in our lives.

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