Be Yourself – Everybody Else is Already Taken

By Mike Robbins in Manifesting Dreams on April 14th, 2009 / One Comment

Being bold, going for what we want, and living with authenticity doesn’t in any way mean we won’t struggle or fall short. In fact, if we aren’t failing or facing any challenges at all, it’s probably a good indication that we aren’t playing all that big in our lives.

It’s important for us to make peace with the fact that we will fall down many times throughout our journey. However, when we make a commitment to ourselves to get back up, dust ourselves off, be real about how we feel and what happened, and not let it stop us from being who we are and going for what we want – we tap into what true power, boldness, and authenticity are all about.

As Mark Twain reminds us in one of his many famous quotes, “Dance like nobody’s watching; love like you’ve never been hurt. Sing like nobody’s listening; live like it’s heaven on earth.

The following are a few powerful practices that you can use in your life to support you in being bold and going for what you want in an effective and authentic way.

1. Ask yourself “the question” every day.
“The Question” is, “If today were my last day – what would I do, what would I say, and how would I want to show up in life?”

While it may seem a little melodramatic, when we’re able to live our lives with a healthy awareness of our own deaths on a daily basis, it alters the way we live and causes us to pay more attention to what’s truly important and the people we care about, and, most specifically, it reminds and challenges us to be bold in an authentic way.

2. Write down your goals and dreams and share them with others.
When you get in touch with some of your deepest goals and dreams, there are two very important things you can do to help enhance your ability to manifest them in your life. The first thing is to write them down. With my own goals and whenever I work with others, I believe the best way to write goals down is to make sure you put them in specific and positive language in a way that inspires you.

It’s also a good idea to put them in a format that you’re proud of and can access easily. For example, put your goals on nice paper, in frames, and up on the wall somewhere close to you – bedroom, office, and so on. The second thing is to share them with other people whom you respect, trust, and admire. Having your goals seen by others creates a sense of energy, accountability, and support for you and helps make your dreams more possible.

3. Create a dream team.
A “dream team” is a group of people that you can lean on, call on, and get support from as you step out and take bold actions. This group can be large or small and can consist of friends, family members, colleagues, mentors, coaches, clients, or anyone else.

The idea is to have a group of people to relate to collectively as your “dream team,” which means they are resources for you and can support you to be bold, take action, and manifest your dreams. You may want to have a general dream team or one that you set up specifically for a big goal or dream you’re working on. Set this up in your own unique way.

This isn’t about you taking from others in a selfish or needy way, it’s about you asking for and receiving the support of other people, and in the process giving others an opportunity to do what most of us love to do – help! It’s important to be grateful, gracious, and honoring of anyone and everyone who helps and supports you in a big or small way.

4. Practice taking bold and passionate actions regularly.
Come up with a long list of things you could do that would be bold or passionate actions and start taking them on a regular basis. The more you put your attention on being bold and passionate, the more opportunities you’ll see in which you can take these kinds of actions. Since this is something that we all can practice in order to improve, it’s a good idea to pay attention to and keep track of your bold actions and to challenge yourself to take them on a regular basis.

Some simple examples of things you might have on your list are raising your hand in meetings, going on a spontaneous “adventure” with your friends or family, talking to new people you don’t know, asking for help, dancing or singing in public, letting people know what you want, or anything else that would be bold or passionate for you.

5. Write a mission and vision statement for your life.
Create a personal mission and vision statement for your life, just like organizations do. There are lots of different formulas, formats, and definitions for what these are and how to do them. Don’t get too hung up on the process – just do it.

Having a mission and a vision for your life that resonates with you and inspires you can support you in being bold and living with authenticity. Your mission is about who you are and how you live on a daily basis. My mission statement is, “I create a world of love and peace by loving myself and reminding others to love themselves.” This is written out, printed on gold paper, and hanging in a frame right over my desk.

Your vision is about where you want to be and what you want your life to look like and feel like in the future (in other words, where you’re headed). It’s a future vision, but its intention is to focus you in the present moment on what’s most important to you.

For your vision, imagine yourself out in the future five, ten, or twenty years from now – write up in detail what your life looks like, how you feel, and what you’re experiencing at that time as if it were happening right now. Make it clear and specific but, paradoxically, don’t get too hung up on the details, as they will probably change quite a bit.

Being bold is an important aspect of our journey to greater authenticity in our lives. Now that we’ve gone through the first four principles (Know Yourself, Transform Your Fear, Express Yourself, and Be Bold), we’re ready to take a look at the fifth and final principle, which is the foundation for being ourselves in a powerful way: celebrating who we are.

About the author:
Excerpt from “Be Yourself – Everybody Else is Already Taken” by Mike Robbins. As a well-known keynote speaker and personal development expert, Mike has inspired tens of thousands through his speaking, workshops, coaching, and writing. He empowers people to be grateful, passionate, and authentic in their work, relationships, and lives.

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  1. Valerie Says:

    I like this. My favorite part is taking bold and passionate actions. I’ve only recently tapped into this and wish I’d learned it years and years ago. Keep telling folks… :-)

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