Biggest Challenge Humanity is Facing Right Now

By Thomas Herold in Evolution on April 5th, 2009 / 3 Comments

Here are all the answers I have received on twitter for the following question: What do you think is the biggest challenge that humanity is facing right now?” Thank you everybody, who contributed with their answers. A special thank you goes to Katie Reeves, who was interested in some of the answers and made this blog post happening.

  • grahamguy Respect.
  • Marge_Inovera Loneliness
  • AllanGoesDMB The growing ignorance you see blossom all over the world
  • DallasJordan humanity!
  • mkpelland ummm….epidemic dumbness…
  • terrysimpson seeking to find answers not in science
  • SheilaUlrich loving ourselves unconditionally so we can love others and become more aware
  • Deidre7777 the current lack of jobs and money
  • BeachEnvy Dissillusionment, Comfort, Ignorance.
  • Mr_fuzzy the lack of faith in God
  • StevenLSnyder Waking up! Becoming aware that we are not our thoughts and our feelings but rather the awareness that we think and we feel.
  • IanPJ Global Regulation. If that happens, we are all finished.
  • kat8163 Right now whats on my mind is gay civil rights & health care.
  • shantanu_1 1. greed, 2. humans r using more than our small plant can provide 4… u can write a book on it, like u have dun :)
  • necol66 for the normal working man to save for his retirement and sustain a decent lifestyle
  • stinchcomb2093 -complacency and idolism
  • christine22hoef Discerning what’s real from all the nonsense.
  • kenneth_l itself
  • lizwertz Lack of respect for mankind & planet, God.
  • OmerSaar themselves. Looking within for answers rather outside. Also a capital based society vs resourse.
  • negaratduke justice
  • AriaaJaeger reply to ur question, disregard of our natural resources, over fishing, pollution, water, killing nature, all beneficial
  • mizricci inhumanity
  • JujuDeRoussie To accept that like every other species, it will one day disappear and yet the Earth will still be there without Humanity.
  • lindaAWI avoiding annihilation!
  • Timberwolf123Trying to understand each other and grow in the thought that we’re all connected and the differences between us are small
  • AriaaJaeger, sorry, bees, fish air, water, land untouched by toxins, killing anything, plant, animal, human is not the way to thrive
  • peacefulday esteeming our fellow human beings as highly as we esteem ourselves
  • robwar0100 having to deal with a massive expansion of government that is intruding into our personal liberties (this began long ago).
  • gauwed i know i might sound really cliche and all, but i think its global warming :)
  • hjarche A: humanity – we have met the enemy and it is us
  • Ladywondr hm. good question. Maybe the destruction of the earth or poverty
  • KurtSchulenburg Too Many People on Too Small a Planet!
  • healinggateway Biggest challenge to humanity maintaining a positive outlook while surrounded by so-called gloom and doom.
  • mahlikah inner peace which really manifests peaceful relations between all the elements in the universe..harmony.
  • theloz judging from personal experience–laziness
  • thenicknameguy simply human population…too many people
  • oranparker I honestly think that our most precious resources are time and human energy. I think the masses are low on both.
  • my3pups not knowing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior!
  • aloumeyer Yes, “We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us”
  • seanmcfadden…..biggest challenge facing humanity ??? capitalistic induced desire for instant gratification…..
  • N2ITION Tolerance!
  • Axcella finding peace in their own lives. With out acceptance of self man can not make peace with each other.
  • alisonjardine Achieving consensus of all the peoples of the world to take action to prevent the destruction of the planet.

Seems like there’s some consensus about humanity itself, being the challenge.

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3 Responses to “Biggest Challenge Humanity is Facing Right Now”

  1. Lynette Hoy Says:

    I think the biggest challenge facing humanity is believing that there is something greater to live for – something beyond this world and self – that there is a God who can be known – who is real and loving.

  2. DBheemeswar Says:

    Let the Light Dawn on this Earth

    Lord, make me an instrument of your peace,
    where there is hatred, let me sow the love;
    where there is injury, pardon;
    where there is doubt, sow the seed of faith;
    where there is despair, a light of hope;
    where there is darkness, dawn the light a wisdom;
    where there is sadness, make them cheer with joy.

    Dear ones
    One of the biggest challenge for the humanity is their own brain. That brain makes all the difference, by increasing egoism, selfishness, and materialistic aspect, for which one goes beyond the limits to acquire them. The debate is not for the existence of the god, but to treat each and every life humanly. Jesus has been crucified by the fear of he becoming the king during those periods. What ever those did to him he took it happily, to show to the world that people of virtue and truth are always treated like that on this earth.
    Presently most of the people wanted short cuts to enjoy life by acquiring materials by whatever be the means. But actual happiness is here if we try to realize that happiness is within us, by controlling the brain. All other methods are for that only, like prayers, with idol or without idols. There is no race which is superior or there is any religion that is superior. Only the one which speaks Humanism and makes to people behave humanly is the greatest one.

    If it is for argument sake, what we are seeing is actually is not true, whatever colours we see only the colours less the actual colour. Then how we can say what we are seeing is true. We see some wave lengths of light and not all, but we can observe the effects of those non visible wavelengths of light. But they are more powerful than the visible light. As they can dis-assemble any thing that comes on their by exciting them, with certain intensities. It is the same case with sounds in the region shock waves.
    The same wave lengths also can reverse if they are in different frequency modes. These are fundamentals of truth on this world, which makes the energy to assemble and behave differently and distinguishably than others.
    We feel excited for some sounds, and they linger in our ears or brain for a long period, it is the same case with colours especially the rainbow. For your kind information most of holistic treatments are using some these techniques.

  3. sa Says:

    In my opinion, most of the given answers to the very profound question have auxiliary (not fundamental) nature. I think humanity has lost its way in general; the best and clear evidence to this claim can be the present question itself. Huge fundings (not only financial but mental and manifestedly scientific as-well) specially during recent centuries, which has created and pushed the humanity to present situation, prevent thinking and finding out the real challenges humanity faces; we mostly are somehow acquanted with thinking only in the frame of ordinary things which are directly related with our personal(sometimes selfish) desires.
    At present, VERY RARE ARE THOSE WHO have had taken continuous and regular care of all their thoughts and believes throughout whole their lives, enabling them to KNOW THE RIGHT WAY. So in my vision the biggest challenge facing humanity is TO SEARCH/FIND THE RIGHT WAY OF LIFE (how must we spend our terrestrial life), though in contrast to plans made by those who know but the bargain.

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