Breaking Through Frustration

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The nearest cousin to frustration is confusion. So don’t you worry we are going deal with the two at the same time together. What is frustration of being frustrated? you have had the tall rich and handsome guy now what, you have had this beautiful lady that has it all nice and tied (stole this from Americans, so you know what I am talking about) now what, you have had the career that is making you travelling the world and meeting new people now what, you have the best car now what, you have got a good house now what…

What is confusion or being confused? you don’t know if you want this man or that one, you don’t know if you want this woman or that one, you don’t know if you want this job or that one in America, you don’t know if you want this car or that one over there…

Dealing With Frustration: Frustration has two key elements that you will need to work with (fulfilment and being contempt). Even the Bible said ”be contempt with what you have”. Don’t forget your childhood dreams were to get married to this tall rich handsome guy or this beautiful woman that has it all nice and tied, get a good job, finally ride in your own car and travel as you please. Acknowledging the fact that these are the things you wanted will bring about fulfilment. Trust me fulfilment is a great feeling. It can go on for months. Be contempt in these things, many people don’t have what you have, some have even died trying to get what you have. Encourage yourself in what you have and not worry about what you do not have.

Dealing With Confusion: With confusion, you will have to work with your decision power and your decision threshold (what factors make you come to that point where you say ”this is it”). If you are faced with two men, choose one (the must be one that you like the most and the other may just be receiving yourself petty). Likewise you are faced with two ladies choose one (as a man don’t forget your power to decide is your most powerful tool, it defines you as a man). With a job, don’t be too concerned about the payment, look at their working conditions, look at their working environment and then decide which best suit you. Do you want me to go into you choosing a car too, what colour do you like, what car size do you like, also pay attention to the shape of the car, this will make you come out with a good choice.

Frustration and confusion will come at many points in your life. Their most powerful times is when you are looking for who to get married to, making career choices, deal with it at this time with the help provided above. It will come in other times of live especially when you are deciding to have children (how many will you like to have, whose name will they be bearing…) making career choices for the children… and even in other times like as to where you will be taking your vacations. At any time you have to remain yourself of the factors that need to be kept constant (fulfilment and being contempt, decision power and your decision threshold). Every thing must get under control if these elements are kept constant.


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