Three Breakthrough Life Changing Actions

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Make these Three Breakthrough Actions part of your life and positive things will begin rapidly coming into your life. These Three Breakthrough Actions will change your life and bring you what you’ve been missing.

Practice these Three Actions and watch what happens.

The First Breakthrough Action
Let go of your non-love feelings. Pay attention to what you’re saying, thinking and doing. Watch all the time. Stay awake to what’s happening. Be on the lookout all the time. When you see some non-love thought, you stop it. When you see some non-love feeling, you stop it. When you see you’re taking some non-love action, you stop it.

If what you’re thinking, feeling, saying or doing is negative, end it. Stop it.

If I hand you a red-hot poker you drop it in a split second, right? Non-love feelings, words, thoughts, actions, all those are hot pokers. Drop them. Non-love, not-liking, disapproval, negativity is burning up your life just like a red-hot fireplace poker burns up your hand.
Drop the non-love feelings like you would drop a hot poker.

Here’s the test. Is it negative? Then, it’s non-loving and hurting your life. Drop it.

The Second Breakthrough Action
Hold in mind what you want. Hold in mind means what you keep in your mind. Hold in mind means the thoughts and feelings that occupy your mind all the time.

You get what you hold in mind. Whatever is occupying your mind, your thoughts and your feelings, is what you manifest in the material world. It’s the law of attraction.

Positive attracts positive, negative attracts negative. Love attracts love. Non-love attracts more non-love. Love is the same energy as positive, success, abundance, health, money, peace.

If you hold in mind “I can’t,” you’re right, you can’t. If you hold in mind “I don’t have it,” you’re right, you don’t have it and you aren’t going to have it. You’re holding the wrong thing in mind. You’re holding in mind what you don’t want.

Fake it until you make it. Stop thinking you don’t have it. Hold in your mind only what you want. Prove it to yourself. Make a good effort. What do you have to lose? If I’m right you get to have everything.

If I’m wrong, you’re no worse off. Here is a little hint: If it doesn’t work, it’s because your mind talked you out of doing it. Your mind talked you out of making a decision. Your mind talked you out of being determined and persistent. You (like everyone else on the planet) have spent your entire life collecting non-love feelings.

It’s likely to take some time to get all of them out. However, it’s worth it because, if you work at it, if you do it, it will work. You will notice changes happening the very first week if you are persistent. Hold in mind what you want.

Here’s another hint: You can easily see what you’re holding in your mind. Watch what you’re saying all the time. Watch what you’re thinking. And, you can see what you’re holding in your mind by paying attention to your feelings.

Now remember, this is not about affirmations. This is not about hanging signs around your house and car. This is about holding in mind what you want. You do that by dropping thoughts, words or feelings which express what you don’t want.

The Third Breakthrough Action
Make a commitment to be positive and loving, in spite of what’s happening. Decide: “I’m going to be positive and loving in spite of whatever is happening.” Make that your motto.
Be positive in spite of what happens. You live your life automatically reacting with emotions you learned as a two-year-old child.

You’re not two years old anymore, but you’re still doing the same thing. End the habit of automatically reacting. It’s just a decision. Something happens that seems to be negative. You react. You leave the present moment and you go off. Does that ever solve anything?

Anger, breaking into hysteria, feeling bad because someone gave you a dirty look? Negative, non-love behavior doesn’t do anything for you except make you more negative and non-loving.

It never solves anything. It never helps anything. I know you see that. I know you agree with me, because you have experienced it yourself many, many times. Make a decision. I am going to be loving and positive in spite of whatever happens.

Remember the hot poker? Begin by letting go of the hot poker called negative, non-loving reactions. Try it. Prove it to yourself. Be positive and loving in spite of whatever happens, whatever is going on, whatever they’re doing or saying. Be positive and loving and watch what happens.

When you’re positive and loving in spite of whatever, you’re moving over to the side of love. Love conquers all. Love transforms. Love is the answer.

Adopt the Three Breakthrough Actions. Practice them. Don’t listen to your mind trying to talk you out of it. You’re in the right place at the right time. Take action. Be loving. Let go of the non-love feelings.

Practice the Three Breakthrough Actions:

  • Let go of your non-love feelings.
  • Hold in mind what you want.
  • Be positive and loving in spite of whatever happens.

You will be the happiest and you will have everything. Prove it to yourself. I always thought good luck was something mysterious that happened to people for no good reason. Now I understand.

Now I see that luck is loving yourself. I proved that to myself because I started having great luck. All kinds of things started falling in my lap when I started loving myself and everyone else. Now I live a life of good luck. Uncanny good things are happening for me all the time now.
— BW, Oregon

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One Response to “Three Breakthrough Life Changing Actions”

  1. Dr. Jennifer Howard Says:

    Yes, like attracts like. I’ve seen through the years that looking at and releasing what is in the way to holding these wonderful outcomes can speed the process along. The practice of holding our positive outcomes in our hearts and minds helps us to live the life we long for.

    Here’s to loving thoughts,

    Dr. Jennifer Howard

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