Self Compassion Is Very Important

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Do you ever feel that you are unworthy of love or compassion? You do not need to get your degree, be less angry or lose weight to deserve love. In fact, you as yourself are a person worthy of praise and compassion and need to be loved. You are only going through a phase of low self-compassion. This is not exactly a psychological disease; but every person may get such a feeling once every while. In order to revert to your normal self; follow these steps:

Surprise Yourself To Find Out That You Are Actually Wonderful

We act in our own particular skin every day. Try to step out of it now. We have no idea how other people perceive us and hence, your personality does not and should not depend on other people’s opinions.  Remember that you can always change your personality. Ask your closest friends and family to write down what they like about you. Remember that you do have traits and characteristics that inspire others.

Think Over Your Life In The Past And The Present

You once used to be an innocent child, free of burdens or the concept of mistakes or guilt. The world used to be free of worries and stress. Take out your old pictures and trip through your past. Pick three to four random ages through your past, for example 5, 12 and 18 and try to remember the old times. Know that you are still the same person and deserve the same amount of acceptance, peace and love as you did then.

Re-Visit The Life-Changing Events Of Your Life

Take out time to remember all the suffering and troubles that you have experienced throughout your life. Try to remember the toughest ones. These triumphs are actually glories that fade away with time, teaching you a lot in life. You felt sad at that moment, however, now when you look at the past, you can see how those events actually transformed you into what you are today.

Change Your Perspective

We all experience that voice in our heads that lets us down. It makes us experience cruelty from our own mind. Make that voice go 180 degree for once. Instead of pushing these feelings away, try to look at their positive side. If you are shy and uncomfortable in larger companies, you are probably an introvert. Your mind is built to make you a thinker and thought leader. You have empathy at the maximum and therefore, at times, you might think that you are not confident enough and that the social lives of others are better than yours. Look at the flip side and see that those people have troubles of their own, the ones that enjoy huge companies. They feel the same amount of sorrow when they are alone; they cannot bear the thought of being alone.


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