Law of Attraction Pitfall – Conflicting Intentions

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There are people who try using the law of attraction to manifest what they want, and then when they fail to do so, they think that the law of attraction doesn’t work. But the truth is that the law of attraction always works, and they do not realize that they are using it to create opposing realities that cancel each other out. They have an intention to manifest something, but at the same time they have a second intention that is manifesting the opposite of their first intention. Conflicting intentions is the problem here.

You may have a desire about something that you want to manifest, but at the same time you have another desire that you are already experiencing. If you were to manifest the new desire, you would not be able to continue experiencing what you already have. You are still holding on to your current desire while trying to intend a new one, and it doesn’t work because the two conditions cannot exist together at the same time. That is why you have to be clear of what you intend and the conditions with it.

Your intention is not just what you desire, but also what you focus on. You may set an intention to achieve abundance, happiness and fulfillment. You think a lot about these things but then you also think a lot on situations to do with scarcity, the things that you are unhappy about and things that you are not satisfied with. You feel good, grateful and happy for awhile and then you feel negative. You worry, doubt and fear. You’re at the same time pulling your desire towards you and pushing it away from you.

You have to realize that an intention is a package deal. It is a whole thing. You cannot accept one part of it and reject another part. When you want something, you have to accept all of it. Desires that are love based are always good in every aspect. It is our fears that make us think certain parts of it is bad when it isn’t so. When you love something perfectly, you love everything about it. You know that every part of it is what makes the total and complete existence of the situation or person which you desire.

There are times when you intend to do something at a certain time, and then you keep thinking of doing it at another time. You don’t realize that you are intentionally postponing your intention, and you keep wondering why it’s being delayed. You may not even be aware that you are doing the things that create the opposite of what you intend to create. That is why becoming more conscious is important in becoming a more powerful creator of your reality. Be aware of what you’re creating in every moment.

When you find yourself intending something and you realize that you already have something else that you are also intending, you have to consider which of the two intentions are more important to you. Once again allow spirit to guide you because sometimes what you think you should intend, isn’t really what is your purpose to intend. When you know what are your higher intentions, then drop your lesser intentions. Always be willing to relinquish what may be good for something that is truly good for you.

Sometimes when you have intentions for conditions that cannot exist at the same time, they may have to be experienced one after another. Multiple intentions are meant to manifest in divine order. You may intend to enjoy your single hood, and you also intend to experience a fulfilling relationship with a life partner. Don’t be frustrated when your second intention seems to be frustrated. It just means that you are experiencing each intention in their own timing and when one is complete the next one will come.

You can also have everything that you want if you would create a situation where there is harmony of intentions. You may desire to make lots of money and you will make as much as you can according to the time and energy that you put in. But you also want to spend quality time with your friends and loved ones.
Then you simply have to balance the amount you intend to create in each area, so that you can channel your time and energy to experience your desires in such a way that truly make you happy.

Outside forces such as ideas that come from other people, the world and advertising are always trying to knock you off balance. They claim that you do not have enough of something or that you need to push yourself more in a certain area. Sometimes that is true but sometimes it is not true at all. You have to allow yourself to have the decision of what you really want and never allow yourself to be swayed more towards a certain area while taking energy from another area. Know what you want and when.

There can also be a conflict of intention between your lower and higher self. Sometimes you may think you want something but it is just an idea given by the world to make you think it is what you should want or that you should want it at this time. But your higher self desires something else or desires it to be at another time. Therefore you consciously move in one direction and yet also subconsciously moving in another. You wonder why it isn’t working out when it’s actually the real you stopping yourself.

The way to manifest your desires is to be internally and externally congruent. Your thoughts have to be congruent with your actions and your thoughts have to be congruent with each other. Congruence is power because that’s when all your forces are aligned in the same direction. The more aligned you are with your forces, the more easily and effortlessly you will see your intentions manifest perfectly, completely, in the best timing and in the best way. Harmony of intentions is how you manifest.

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