The Power of Conscious Manifestation

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Have you ever really desired something, but you were unsure as to how to get it?  More often than not, I receive questions from students as to “HOW” they should go about manifesting their desires.  Many say they want to learn HOW to manifest more money, deep passions, more business clients, relationships, financial freedom, adventurism and romanticism, better health, great sex, their life’s purpose & so on…, but just how do you get from point A to point B?

The short-cut to discovering the “Path of HOW” is to first look at why you’re asking yourself those questions in the first place. The truth is, this question originates from within an individual and is at the core of what he or she legitimately wants and is supposed to experience in his or her lifetime. “HOW” questions represent the root of a person’s passions.

By trying to determine how to achieve a particular goal, we’re actually drawing attention to what we really want. Think of it this way – if a person asks, “What can I do to reach my financial goals?” or “How do I find my soul-mate?” it’s a strong indicator that what the person really wants is financial freedom and a lifelong partner.

It’s great that you have identified your desires, but be cautious of the way in which you construct your questions, because it can lead you down a dead end road where you never reach your goals or fulfill your desires.

The KEY to getting what you want is to understand that you already possess the power and ability to manifest what you want to have and experience. For those of you that are students of the Law of Attraction, this idea requires that you now prepare yourself to step up and become even more aware of your true innate power on a much deeper level.

Attraction indicates separation between you and the thing you want. Rather than focus on attracting your desires (or drawing in an experience that is separate from you), it’s much faster to gain an understanding of the power of “Conscious Manifestation.” To do so, you must remove the idea of separateness, thus forgetting about attracting anything. Think of it instead as “Instant Creation.”

To really grasp the power of Conscious Manifestation, you MUST let go of an imaginary idea – the concept of time. Whether you realize it or not, you are instantly creating everything you are experiencing in your life right now. Your past and your future can only exist in your imagination and manifestation can only exist in the now. NOW is the only thing that is real, and because most people are afraid to fully experience “NOW,” they spend most of their lives living in the past or living in the future.

Next, you must let go of any judgment as to why you have created things you claim you don’t want. This can be difficult because people are taught to attach themselves to situations, results and people. When we judge, we not only squander the hours, but we energetically attach to the very thing we don’t want. We begin to see ourselves as that very thing. Learn to develop the skill of detaching from those experiences and become the “curious observer” who is objectively looking in at your life.

This is a higher level skill and will take some time to develop, but when you can do this on a consistent and regular basis, you become aware that you have stepped into your divine space. Now you understand that absolutely nothing stands in the way of you and your desires. In this space, there are no such things as obstacles, and you don’t have to try and figure out “HOW” you’re going to move from your current place to the desired outcome.

Did you know that this is the ONLY PLACE where we can come in contact with Truth? This is also the only place from which we can create our Divine Intention (or manifest our goals and heart’s passions). This is the place where we make Quantum Leaps!  Simply put, life becomes magical…

Many years ago, I set out on a journey to figure out how people achieved what they wanted in life. I, like many of you, was taught the power of affirmations. I spent years trying to reprogram my subconscious mind through constant and spaced repetition or emotional impact. But deep down I always wondered why this was necessary. If at a soul level we are perfect – we are God – then why do we need all of these silly tools to help us achieve our purpose and complete our life’s mission?

If you want to pick up the pace and be on the fast track to goal reaching, then learn to keep it simple. Just listen…there is a serene voice inside of you. One that is attempting to tell you what you really desire in life. You don’t need to spend hours shouting out affirmations for your aspirations to come in to fruition. You just need to follow the still, quiet voice inside of you. Just follow the nudges. Jumping through all those affirmation hoops is unnecessary. WHAT A RELIEF!

As you follow that voice, it naturally leads you to a place of “Instant Creation.”  You become one with the Divine side of yourself. The painful separation between you and your desires that was created by other people’s limiting beliefs vanishes. You realize anything you desire is at your command. Your life takes on new meaning.

When you awaken and become conscious of your manifesting capabilities, you realize that the Divine has NO limits and any limit you may perceive is self-imposed. So how do you know when you are in the place of Conscious Manifestation? What are the signs that you’ve arrived? Ultimately, you become aware of two simple things:

  1. You are at Peace (with yourself and the world about you)
  2. You Create the Actual Result (your goal, passion or desire has already been achieved)

If you are not manifesting what you want, the problem is not on some outside situation, person or source – the trouble is always you. If you experience only one of the two without the other, then you know you are not in this sacred space. For instance, if you have peace and no result, then you are hiding behind spirituality. You think you’re at peace, but you’re really not. The truth is, you have created an emotion that mimics peace, but it was created by the false self, the pain self, the ego self.

Many people hide in that place for years. Some have dropped their other addictions in life only to pick up and hide behind a new one called spirituality, God or religion. You might find that statement shocking, but it’s true! To hide behind these things is just as damaging and unhealthy as any other addiction.

What about the people that reach a goal, but they’re miserable? What about the millionaire that has plenty of money in the bank, but is dying inside? Unfortunately, I’ve worked with many women who have the idea that in order to reach their financial goals, then they must sacrifice their lives with their chosen partners and children.

Suffering from the internal turmoil that guilt and frustration brings, they are far from any true form of peace or serenity. They don’t understand that they can have both! If you relate to this on any level, then you’re not in the sacred space. You MUST have both true peace and the desired result AT THE SAME TIME.

Remember, a great master once said, “the truth will set you free.” If you’re not free – if you’re frustrated because you haven’t achieved your dreams – then you’re not in your truth. You still lack the knowledge of how powerful you truly are. Not only will you never experience genuine peace and serenity, but you’ll also never gain the satisfaction of living your passions and reaching your goals.  Sadly, most people on this planet die with deep regrets and without fulfilling their mission in life.

Now, if you are willing to trust in the unseen and step into this place of truth, you will discover the “Kingdom Within,” the “Straight Gate,” the “Gap” or any other metaphorical explanation used to describe how you experience your true self, God.

Here there are no “how-to” guides. There are no limits. Imagine a world where everything you desire comes to life. You have the ability to create your world.  It’s a place where your dreams really do come true. And it’s all yours when you make the decision to remaining open and willing. Stay in the now, trust in the unseen, listen to the quiet voice that echoes in the depths of you, follow your heart and continue to reveal your own power to yourself.

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