When You Desire Nothing You Can Choose Anything

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It may come as a surprise to you that you are attached to everything you desire. Behind every desire there is a dissatisfaction and resistance to what is and as the saying goes, “whatever you resist persists”. Your very desire forces you to focus on the absence in your life of that which you want and so paradoxically keeps it away from you. By desiring nothing, you are attached to nothing, and so allow yourself to create the reality of your choice knowing that you are free to choose any experience. Desire is the source of all attachment whereas choice is the gift of detachment.

In Blind Pursuit of Happiness
As human beings we are conditioned to seek happiness and avoid pain. In so doing, we tend to desire those things or experiences which we believe will increase our happiness or decrease our pain be it more money, a relationship with someone specific or a new relationship, a bigger home, a flashier car, a better body, a more rewarding job – the list is endless. By doing so, we live in the “when I have …. I will be happy” trap.

Having said this, haven’t you often noticed how when you get what you once thought you desired you realise that you didn’t really want it that much after all or that the happiness you gained was very temporary hence sending you back to the starting block of desiring something else. Remember this: at the bottom of every desire lies a wish to be happier in the ignorance that to be happy irrespective is the only happiness there is.

The Misguided Desire for More
Most people are swimming, if not drowning, in a sea of material desires thereby living exclusively in the physical domain with little consideration for the mental and spiritual realms. Admittedly, western society thrives on desire – the desire for more. Little will drain your power more than the desire for more and no one put it better than Wayne Dyer when he said, “Where is the peace in more is better? Of course you know the answer, there is no peace in more is better. And if it doesn’t bring peace to your life then it is something that you want to discard.” The Buddha warned that “desire is the source of all suffering” and the more passionate the desire, the greater the suffering. Interestingly, the word passion has its roots in the Greek word pathos meaning to suffer.

Will the Real Mark 11:24 Please Stand Up
Reality creation circles often cite Jesus Christ as having said, “What things soever you desire, when you pray believe that you receive them, and you shall have them”. Dig a little deeper though by consulting the original Greek text of the New Testament and you will find the word aiteisthe (pronounced etisthe), which correctly translated means “to ask for” in the sense of requesting that which is due to you. So Mark 11:24 should read “What things soever you ask for when you pray” (not desire), which brings us back to the element of choice because to ask for something you must have chosen it. In contrast, by remaining in a state of desire, you never quite get round to asking. Desire really amounts to playing it small while choosing is all about stepping up to the plate to receive.

How to Transform Desire into Choice
Although desire and choice may seem two different states of being, they are in fact varying degrees of the same state. Just like hot and cold are but varying degrees of that which we call temperature so it is with desire and choice. To raise yourself up from a state of desire to one of choice you must remove your need to have a specific thing or person in your life and add faith. By doing so, your desires can give rise to your choices rather than to your perpetual frustration.

Need Leaves You Needing
Know that your desire is based on a perceived need, which is itself based on a perceived separateness from your desire and hence a sense of incompleteness. Your need is the glue that attaches you to your desires and leaves you feeling lesser for their absence. When you become conscious of the Truth that you are One with the One Source of All Creation then you will need for nothing for you will know that you are already connected to everything and everyone – we are All One.

Faith Makes Detachment Effortless
To have faith is the easiest way to willingly hand over your choices to the Omnipotence of the One Universal Mind of which you are a part. It is the route to effortless detachment. It does not mean to sit back and wish things could be different – in fact, wishful thinking belongs more to the domain of desire. In contrast, to have faith is to be at peace in the knowledge that your choice has already manifested in the mental realm from which all things manifest, and to take inspired action toward that specific outcome materializing in your physical world.

The Freedom of Choice
Your desire blinds you to all the other available possibilities and so takes away your true freedom of choice. The beauty of having no desires is that it allows you to choose anything. In fact, when you transform your desire into your choice, your possibilities become infinite. Of course freedom of choice means that you can choose that which you once desired, only this time it is not because you have a need to fulfill but rather because you have the right to choose, knowing you are already complete.

Meditation – Cut the Cords of Desire
In a relaxed state with your eyes closed, bring to mind each of your major desires. Notice how they have a heavy feeling to them, weighing you down and preventing you from enjoying your life in the present moment. Sense how your desires keep you stuck in the future courtesy of the “when I have … I will be happy” syndrome.

Now let’s get a bit creative. Imagine each desire as a weight attached to you with a cord. Take a moment to feel just how heavy they have become, particularly those which you have been carrying around for many years. Next, deliberately cut the cord of every desire and feel how much lighter you feel as they fall away one by one and disappear. Carry on releasing your desires until you feel totally free and light.

From this place of freedom, look around you and sense how a whole new world of opportunity has opened up for you to choose from now that you are no longer focusing on your desires. Notice how you are free to choose anything, not from a place of need but from a place of complete power and understanding that you are One with the One Source. Sense how different choice feels to desire. Feel how empowering it is to be able to choose compared to the powerlessness that comes with desire. All that’s left for you to do now is choose.

The Certainty of Choice
Know that much of the frustration you may feel in your attempts to consciously create your reality stems from the fact that you are desiring rather than choosing, which really amounts to wishing rather than creating. By choosing something you effectively claim your right to it – the right which desire denies you. Ultimately, what choice grants you in certainty, desire takes away. This is because you are in control of your choices whereas your desires are in control of you.

Notice how when you are in a state of desire all power is outside of you, whereas in a state of choice you know that the power is within you. Only when you free yourself from the needy trap of desire can you say “this or something better for the highest good of all involved” and really mean it while being happy irrespective.

Get Comfortable with Choosing
To transform your desire into your choice you must get comfortable with the idea of choosing. This is, however, tricky territory for quite a few people. If you are the type of person who shies away from making a choice by saying things such as “no you choose, I’m easy” or by conforming to society’s demands of you, then you should examine your relationship with choice.

Choose Your Reality or Have it Chosen For You
You may have confused choosing or asking for what you want as being selfish, greedy or unappreciative and so tend to allow others to make your choices for you, thinking it is the right or selfless thing to do. But by allowing others to choose for you, you are unwittingly also allowing others to create your reality. Freedom of choice is really the only freedom you have so get comfortable with it, embrace it and make it a part of your daily life. Only then can you become the master of your reality.

In a nutshell, desire is the source of all attachment and whatever you are attached to drains you of your authentic power to create your reality. Desire is based on a misconceived need for something or someone to make you happy and it is that misconception which keeps you in a state of desire. In contrast, the desireless person is free – free to choose their reality – not out of any need or sense of incompleteness but rather in the knowledge that they are and always will be complete for they are One with the One Universal Mind for which nothing is impossible. The instant you claim your right to choose then all desire becomes redundant.

About the author:
Tania Kotsos is the founder and author of Mind Your Reality. She has been studying mind power and the nature of reality for the last 15 years. After a successful 10 year career as an investment banker in the City of London, she decided to throw in the towel to pursue her dream of empowering people to transform their lives using the innate power of their mind.

Visit her website at: mind-your-reality.com

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