I don’t dig those Negative Waves!

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One of my favourite lines from a movie is from Donald Sutherland’s break-out movie Kelly’s Heroes. He played a Hippie type soldier called Sergeant Oddball and the line was “I don’t dig those negative waves, man!”  It was a fun movie, but I am just using it to introduce my topic for this week; ‘negative waves.’

To my mind this is a subject that is missed by the majority of us; ‘negative waves’ is one term used of many; bad vibes, bad Karma are other labels that are also applied. The Law is also referred to as Cause and Effect by some, Sowing and Reaping by others, while some just say “what comes around goes around.”

As far as I can ascertain, the difference between Karma and the latter three is that people believing in Karma think that we have multiple lives and they say that Karma good or bad from one life can affect other lives that the spirit may lead, whereas the majority of people that accept the principle sowing and reaping, believe that you only live once.

No matter what name one subscribes to, the effects are pretty similar and definitely being cognisant of this dynamic is an essential part of doing Now well. It’s a something of a dichotomy saying that “one must be careful what you think, say and do Now, because it affects the rest of your life” when with in almost the same breath we have said that there is no other time than now, but there is absolutely no doubt that this phenomenon by what ever name you call it, is one that you need to be aware of and use to your benefit, no matter what your understanding of time is.

The place to start is our thoughts. Our thoughts are where everything begins and they are the cause of a whole bunch of effects, probably far more than we know.  On this blog I have spent many an hour writing about how we must control our thoughts, how we must rid ourselves of Life Sentences and lot’s of other thought processes that we should be aware of. While they all have the various reasons for avoiding them that I mentioned during each discussion, this is an “umbrella” reason that I have not mentioned too frequently. Yes! unforgiveness, is bad vibes, fear is negative waves, anger comes around and so on, ad nauseum.

What many find very hard to accept is that any effect that they have reaped, to mix the metaphors, is a direct result of the original cause. In other words, when we take a look at what is happening in our lives, either good or bad, it is a direct result of what we have previously sown. This is where a lot of individuals have difficulty in accepting this law i.e. we sometimes remember to be careful what we sow, but we seldom ascribe events, situations or circumstances to being the results of what we originally sowed. For instance, people are diagnosed with rheumatism or arthritis and seldom identify the original cause as the bad karma of bitterness or unforgiveness not dealt with years ago. I am convinced that this is, more often than not the real source of the problem, rather than some hereditary or biological explanation.

In nature it is so obvious, if we don’t plant we will not reap and if we reap pumpkins it’s because we planted pumpkins. We just do not plant carrots and expect to reap pineapples. It’s just a simple fact what goes around comes around whether it’s harm or harmony.

Let’s just take at look at some things that make positive waves; Love, laughter, kindness, sacrifice, compassion, gratefulness, understanding, listening, thoughtfulness, self-control, passion, enthusiasm, encouragement.  The positive list goes on and on, all we have to do is ensure that we stay on the positive side of the dynamic. There are other positives things that we can plant like planning, goal setting, action, preparation, research and training.

Just one other thing before I end off, I really believe that the things we do have eternal ramifications, so this whole issue should not be taken lightly. Laura Silva Quesada says:”The causes that lead to your personal living experience must be holistic in nature. Causes that lead to positive effects must contain elements of a healthy Spirit, Mind, Body and Emotions”. I believe this to be true, so we must be working on being well round, well balanced beings.

Let’s consider what we are sowing, take time to consider the effects of our anticipated actions, never react. Decide what harvest we desire and sow accordingly!

I’m with Sgt. Oddball: I love those positive waves, man!


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