Do Affirmations Influence the Quantum Field?

By Thomas Herold in Affirmation on August 24th, 2006 / 3 Comments

Feedback we got on the article from Joe Dispenza.

“Infecting the Quantum field by starting the day with an intention of what you want to create (experience). Is this similar or aligned with a primary? A primary is single specific of what you want to create. Where as the method of how he creates his day seems less specific. Are doing affirmations similar? Does all this contribute to infecting the quantum field?”

What is the Quantum Field?
The quantum field is basically the sum of all waves of possibilities. Everthing consists of energy and therefore produces a wave. All these waves together interfere with each other and create new combinations of waves. Sometimes particular waves increase in their amplitude (getting bigger) and sometimes waves completely dissapear.

Therefore yes, everything contributes to infecting the quantum field. Actually, there is nothing you can do, not to influence it. Every thought, every feeling and every action has its effect in the quantum field.

What Are Affirmations?
Affirmations are frequently repeated spoken words. For example I say to myself every day “I am healthy and fit”. What effect does this have on the quantum field? I think the result depends on the state of consciousness.
Imagine you are standing on a lake and there is no wind or any other influence whatsoever. If you observe the surface of the lake you will see it absoluely calm. Then through in a small stone and you will see the waves it creates. If you look closely you could see the waves spreading out over the complete lake. Now imagine that the lake is filled with hundreds of boats, there is wind and you through the same stone into it. Can you even recognize the ripple it makes?

Probably the same is going on in your consciousness. If you have too many thoughts, feelings and other things going on the extra little wave you create will immediately dissapear.

What is a Creation?
In quantum physics terms a creation is the collape of a wave function into a particle. Out of infinite possibilities you are focusing on one single wave and this wave is collapsing into a particle and appears therefore in space and time. Consciousness creates a subject and a object at the same time. It is the birth of duality. As you can see on one level you create and on the other level you just observe something that was always present as a possibility. However, the domain in which you create depends again on the state of consciousness you are in.

What is Attention, Intention & Focus?
Attention roots in the greek word ‘attendere’ which means torwards something. You could compare this to a radio. You tune in on one channel, on one frequency. There are all frequencies similtantiously present, but using your attention selects one frequency out of many.

In quantum physics attention is the observer! That means your attention already collapses the wave function of possibilities and creates reality.

Intention refers to one’s motivation; it in no way implies force, or involving your will in the outcome. Two important variables are attention and attitude.

Focus refers to be fully engaging in the present moment. The ability to observe without attachment contributes to the outcome. In quantum physics, we know nothing happens that isn’t first observed. From my experience I would say intention works best when it comes from a natural place. What do I mean by that? A natural place would be a unique quality or gift you have. It is something that interests you without forcing yourself.

So focusing your intention on what you can do with your gift would work far better then focusing on getting rich. There is nothing wrong with getting rich of course, but for most of us this intention would come more from fear and not having enough. Therefore, it would be driven by force and not by power. Power is natural, force is artificial.

Power is always there, force needs to be created constantly to be effective. Best explained in the book ‘Power vs. Force‘ from David Hawkins.

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3 Responses to “Do Affirmations Influence the Quantum Field?”

  1. Betty Boiuayadi Says:

    Please I’am, quite lost at the moment. For years I would state an affirmation and would see it in my thoughts while speaking… Any such matter or wish. In a matter of days. My affirmations were totally in sight. My family thought I was a witch! This was never a problem for me until…I married a man from Morrocco. This person was so against my Dreams being delivered at only a thought of my true desire. He called it incantations. I have truely tried to regain this perfect desire….seems to be impossible. I can see an item, just like before. But it dissappears for no reason. Years ago, I would paint from an idea given to me by a customer. Soon after a matter of days…The customers would pay if I asked for $100.00 they would pay me $300.00. My life has changed so much. I need reaffirmations!!

    Betty Bouayadi

    P. S. I even dreamed my husband, 7 years before I met him. We have since divorced because of the absolute terror he instilled into me about my desire dreaming. Please advise

  2. John Hill Says:

    I believe as the affirmations begin to impregnate the subconscious mind, this new train of thought energy is dispersed into the universe gathering more momentum and energy and since energy moves in circles, when it comes back to us it has multiplied in size. Subsequently it is the catalyst for attracting more positive people and uplifting events into our reality.

    So in response to your question, I believe affirmations are a powerful tool in regards to influencing the quantum field.

  3. Kozan Huseyin Says:


    I liked this article. It has some nice and practical information. As you know, as a life coach, I have always aimed to help people get from A to B.

    Getting good information, is something that can be hard to come by, but I think you really have some nice information which is practical, and will help not only me, but countless others in the process.

    Thank you,

    Kozan Huseyin.

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