Do You Have Something To Look Forward To?

By Kevin Dee in Attention, attitude, Awareness, Happiness, Life Purpose, Stress Reduction on June 27th, 2014 / No Comments

Sometimes life seems to go by in a blur… I get busy, there are always so many commitments and it would be easy to just let life happen to me, rather than to take charge of it.

I think we all get there at times, we have work commitments, we have jobs that need to get done at home, we have commitments to the people in our lives, we have hobbies and sports that take our time too.

It can sometimes feel a little overwhelming.

One of the tricks that I like to use is to have something special to anticipate.

  • It could be a vacation.
  • It could a new “toy”… like a car, a motorbike or anything special for you.
  • It could be an occasion… with someone special or with family or friends.

You can use the anticipation to take your mind away from the “commitments” for those short breaks when you need them. Following that anticipation will the actual enjoyment of the event and even after THAT I get the positive energy generated from good memories.

Next week I am heading out to Colorado for a 3 day conference with a group of business owners and senior executives who also happen to ride motorcycles. It will be the second one that I have attended and it has been my “distraction” for the last couple of months. The initial planning of the trip, the booking, the thinking through how I pack given that everything comes with me on a motorbike… all form part of that “positive distraction”.

The last time I attended one of these conferences I had a perma-smile for three days! I was networking and learning from fellow business owners (something in common), who also ride motorbikes (second thing in common) and who all believe in ongoing learning (three things in common). It was a great experience that gave me something to anticipate before I went, then I got to actually enjoy the conference itself (with riding) and even afterwards I have fond memories of the event. ALL of which has a positive effect on my psyche!

I don’t let these thoughts distract me from my job or the tasks I need to get done… but they do help keep my positive perspective on life.

Once my trip is done, my next distraction will be my daughter’s wedding in August. There is lots of planning, lots of family coming to town and some anticipation of some good times. I will then enjoy the event and I will have fond memories of the event to “warm the soul” too!

Most of us have our daily routines, the responsibilities of our jobs, the responsibilities of our families and whatever other commitments we have.

It is a good thing to have things to anticipate, that you can then enjoy followed by the positive memories. They are a positive motivator and they help us get through the tougher, and more mundane aspects of our lives.

What is on the horizon for you to (a) anticipate, then (b) enjoy and create (c) great memories?


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