Dreams and Goals – Is There A Difference?

By Caleb Scorsone in Manifesting Dreams on July 2nd, 2009 / 4 Comments

Many people have goals and dreams. Very often you will hear people use these terms interchangeably as if they were the same thing. I’m sure you’ve been asked, “So what are your goals in life?” or “What is your dream?”  They are not the same.  Clear understanding of what your dreams verses goals are is key to manifesting the fulfillment in your life.

We all have dreams…we are born dreamers.  You have heard the old saying that young men have visions, but old men dream dreams.  This great proverb defines “old men” having dreams because old men speak of the wisdom, skill, and mastery of one’s innate ability to manifest their dreams into reality.

Dream On, Dream On, Dream Until The Dream Comes True
Dreams are divine inspirations birthed in the secret place of imagination that give cause to recover that which has always been!  You were born to bring into existence from your secret place of imagination, the dreams conceived, nourished, and believed.  Dreams are the co-creation of your own ingenuity.  Dreams, when defined and clarified provide you the foresight to deliberately create your desired manifestation.  This is the Divine expression of Life.

You are a Dream-Maker to manifest and live the life you deserve.  Now a dream conceived but never believed is just a fleeting fantasy.  The Unlimited Life of who we are reveals dreams to us all the time. We only need to embrace and appreciate the magnificence of personal Being in defining one’s dreams.  What happens when inspiring dreams are revealed to you even in a split second?  We automatically determined impossibilities because we limit ourselves and therefore indulged in fleeting fantasy.

Your dreams represent your inner desired outcome, manifesting into your reality. James Allen said it perfectly, “Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so you shall become. Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be; your ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil.”  No matter how lofty your dreams or desired end product is, all things are possible!

Put full-undivided attention upon your dreams because you become what you behold, and sooner or later begin to display unto the world your self-fulfilling prophecy.  Develop within you a convincing Proceeding Power of Prediction in your live.  You hold within an Ability to create and predict your future by realizing and nourishing your dreams today! So, Dream big!

The millions dollar question is this:  How do we transform dreams into reality?

Dreams speak of your desired destination, which by the way, really have no finalization because you shall always remain in a state of Constant Unlimited Expansion.  The steps, directions, and chosen strategies that develop the manifestation of your dreams are called GOALS.

A great thing happens when you focus your center of attention on your dream destination, you begin to locate and find solutions for the journey along the way.  GOALS are the means along the way to fully manifesting your dreams.

Dreams = Desired end product while Goals = Means to achieve dreams.

The fulfillment of the goals along the way to your dream destination provides you great encouragement, momentum, and feedback of your internal focus. Dreams represent what you want and “why,” while goals represent your plan to get you there.

Here is an example of a client I worked with.  This individual was 40 years of age, overweight by 45 lbs, and had a dream to live a long, healthy life.  The dream here was not the reduction of body weight, but achieving his ideal weight, while feeling energetic and perfectly healthy at the age of 45, 50, 60, 75, and beyond.  It is dream destination that really has no finalization…it is ever expanding.

Now, this individual experienced repeated perceived failure and un-fulfillment, as a result of focusing on short-term goals rather than his dream destination.  If you focus so much on the steps (goals), you run the risk of losing sight of your destination, and the reason why you are pursuing these goals in the first place.

Specific short-term goals are not motivating by themselves; their power comes from their connection to an inspiring dream.  In the long run, when I shifted my client’s internal focus and techniques, he not only manifested his dream, but also continues to expand his dream.

As we have discussed, GOALS are the steps along the way in fulfilling your dream destination.  The key is to FOCUS and center your attention on your dreams, creating solutions (target GOALS) for unending expansion.  So, make sure your focus on the END rather than the means.

Here are some suggestions for identifying the difference between your Dreams and Goals:

  1. Define your internal Dream: Develop a crystal-clear picture or your dream destination.  Write it down in your dream journal.
  2. Set specific times of centering and focusing upon your Dream Destination in your thoughts and imagination.  Carry in your Mind the picture of not only reaching your Dream Destination, but also expanding your Dreams.
    Again, do not be concerned with the methodology!  To be preoccupied with the “how to” and not the “why,” nurtures doubt, lowers aspirations, and sabotages your vision of manifesting your Dream Destination.
  3. Set specific times of focus, read your dream aloud to yourself.  Make sure it is stated in the affirmative as if you have already manifested your dream.
  4. See yourself maximizing your ability to manifest your dreams.  Keep this visual image in your mind for 15-20 minutes, three times a day!  Hold it there!  Imagine yourself accomplishing ultimate success – how it feels, sounds, tastes, looks, and smells.
  5. As you do this, write the short-term GOALS that are revealed to you. Steps of action are being identified!  Writing down your goals gives them power, and makes them real. They transform that which we have been dreaming of into a workable solution.

Practice this over and over until it becomes Life unto you.  Remember, focuses on your Dreams, dream lofty dreams for nothing is impossible to him who knows his dream to be true.  I hope this has been enlightening and inspiring to you.

If you would like assistance in harnessing this skill for maximizing your dreams and defining your goals, feel free to contact me at www.TheKaizenGRP.com by signing up for Free Consultation Coaching Session!  That’s right…no payment or obligation what-so-ever!

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4 Responses to “Dreams and Goals – Is There A Difference?”

  1. Iftikhar Says:

    If I’ve understood correctly – a dream is a vision of the possibilities innermost desires conjure up and a goal is the commitment to manifest that vision into reality. Great explanation!

  2. Molly Rider Says:

    So well written. I love the distinction between goals and dreams. Thank you for the reminder that dreams are forever growing and transforming. Expanding the mind is such a wonderous activity.

  3. Malick Michael Says:

    I’ve read and understood your well written article. A distinction needed to be made between dreams and goals. This open my eyes on this differences. Thank you for helping me to understand it.
    I inspired myself from this article to help me create an article for my school paper and if you want I could send you the link to read.
    Thanks again

  4. Kathryn Says:

    Dreams occur when one is asleep that’s it
    I.e. pleasant dreams .
    There is something I would like to do I may set a goal in trying to do it By no means is this dream I don’t put any relevance on dreams because usually has everything to do with the TV being still on . Do dreams come true? No I don’t think so Because I’m not the funding dreams as anything other than what occurs when you asleep And I know means do I get gold or what things that happen from my dreams because most the time I remember none Of them shortly after I wake up

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