Envisage it, Believe it, Achieve it!

By Adam Sibley in Manifesting Dreams on June 4th, 2008 / 2 Comments

The most common question I get asked is how did I come up with my phrase “Envisage it, Believe it, Achieve it!” Well the first thing to know is for me it’s not just a phrase it’s a way of life.

The phrase originated from 2003 when I got to go on a business trip with my Dad to Texas. The reason for the trip was that my dad was a successful network marketer and we were attending this big conference. So I went with my dad and listened in on some of the talks and presentations. If you want to see and hear some motivated people these type of events are the place to be. Come on lets face it to knock on a one thousand doors a day or make one thousand telephone calls a day trying to sell a product nobody wants you have to be motivated to survive.

It was during my time at this conference that I really started thinking what if we could take the motivation and positive energy that was in the conference centre and use it for the power of good and helping young people. So I took my pen and paper out and the first thing I wrote was “Envisage it, Believe it, Achieve it!” This is a three step plan which if followed will lead to some amazing results.

Envisage It:
Your vision is what you want to achieve in your life so you need to start thinking about what it is you truly want. When I first did this I got a huge sheet of paper from the local shop and some markers and started drawing my vision. My vision was to make Talented Young People a worldwide force which makes a huge impact in the lives of young people. I’m a very visual person so I like to draw and write things down.

Once you have searched in your soul and found out what it is you want to achieve start thinking about why you want to achieve that. This is when I started adding pictures to my huge piece of paper with my motivators for why I wanted to do this so for me that was pictures of my family and pictures of people I knew I could help. Then down the side I started to write down all the little details of what it was going to be like when I achieved my vision.

When speaking to a lot of successful people I found that one of the reasons behind many of their successes was the clear vision they had, it wasn’t I want to win this or I want to do this it was in this year I’m going to win the title at this event, they all had very specific and clear dreams which came true. A half hearted approach will only bring you half hearted results. If you feel half hearted or stop half way through this process it means that whatever you picked as your vision is not the dream that means the most to you.

Believe It:
Belief is the most powerful tool a person has, without it no matter how talented you are you aren’t going to get anywhere. If you don’t believe in yourself or what you are doing then you are never going to know what you are truly capable of. Belief is putting in the hours of dedication knowing that it is going to pay off. Belief is strength which will get yourself and your talent to the next level.

Belief is getting back up after all knock backs, dusting yourself off and going again. Having a clear vision can really help your belief as these two things go hand in hand. I am a big fan of my motivational quotes which help give me belief so I have them all scrolled on my walls of my bedroom alongside my huge piece of paper with my vision on. Every morning it’s the first thing I see and it is the last thing I see before I go to bed.

Achieve it:
If you have committed yourself 100% to steps one and two then achieving it is just a formality. If you feel yourself incapable of achieving then go back to step one and two and see how you can make them stronger or if you truly have chosen the vision which is closest to your heart as it may be the case that what you thought was your dream is not your greatest passion and there may be something else you missed.

I believe if everyone applied this three step plan to their lives then we would have a much happier, much stronger and a much more inspirational world. So many people haven’t taken the time to work out what it is they really want to do with their lives whilst some people just aren’t sure what their dream is and this is who this plan is for. I have seen first hand the difference this simple three step plan can make to peoples lives. So why not now, stop what you’re doing disconnect the phone, move away from the computer and get a pen and paper out. This could change your life forever. Find me someone who doesn’t want to have a dream, find me someone that doesn’t want to live their dreams because I don’t think you can.

Just remember this three step plan isn’t instead of putting in the hard work because believe you me to achieve your dreams you have to be prepared to work harder than you have ever worked before. This three step plan is a way of channeling that hard work and giving you the vision and belief to turn your hard work in to your dream.

“Envisage it, Believe it, Achieve it!” + Hard work = Results

About the author:
Adam Sibley is the founder of the Talented Young People organization. For more information visit his website at: www.talentedyoungpeople.com

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2 Responses to “Envisage it, Believe it, Achieve it!”

  1. D.Bheemeswar Says:

    This the best article which I have come across in this web cite. This shows the confidence level and also buids the confidence of readers.
    of course one should have enough practicale knowledge, before coming to this stage level of confidence. This article also evisages how much efferts one has to put for coming to this level.

  2. Imran Rahman Says:

    “The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place and I don’t care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!” Rocky Balboa

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