Is the Evolution of Consciousness Personal?

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How could consciousness – the evolution of mind – of awareness, be anything but personal? Can your ability to evolve as an individual be slowed down, limited or stopped by something someone else does? If you say no, the perhaps you recognize that your personal evolution is in your hands. If you say yes, then you’re waiting on someone else to do something before you can move forward.

Which would you prefer?

  • your ability to evolve is in your hands? -or-
  • your abiilty to evolve is dependent on what others do?

If it’s true how that your ability to develop as an individual is dependent on what everyone else is doing – we’re in a mess. If ou are capable of personally choosing to be a conscious person then it’s time to stop waiting for everyone else to do it first.

How could there be a shift if it is not happening within you?
Who else should it be happening in, if not you? Who should we be waiting for? The politicians? The government officials? The folks in other countries?

Of the rather impractical concepts floating around about evolution of consciousness, the one where everyone with more light are waiting for those who have less light to become enlightened is one of the most impractical and may it be said, dangerous. It is an astonishing trick the mind plays to keep a person asleep, dreaming they’re awake.

There is no one to wait for. Not the people who have been judged as having less light by those who say they are filled with light. Not the people in government/politics, or in advertising, or the film-makers or the musicians or anyone. There is no one to wait for.

Why does extraordinary change require extraordinary numbers?
Change takes just one. One. True change begins and ends with you.

The idea that it’s going to take a specific or special number of people to bring about an evolution of consciousness screams matter primary to spirit, doesn’t it?

In the simplest terms getting billions of people to come to exactly the same conclusion about anything at exactly the same time is implausible at best. Have you ever tried to get 2 people to agree on the same thing at the same time?

As a counselor over the last 30 years I’ve had many opportunities to counsel couples having difficulties in their relationship. Getting two people, who think they know each other extremely well to agree on the same thing can be tough! Even if they do come to an agreement, they still see it the way they see it as individuals.

If you are standing in the same room with another person and you were standing very, very close to one another, your perspective will still be different from theirs. Your view will be a few inches different. Add to physical reality of it all the differences in life experience and it’s easy to see that no two people are ever in the same exact place at the exact same time. It’s not reality.
Humanity does have a chance

If the evolution of consciousness did depend on everyone seeing things the same way, we’d be in big trouble. Thankfully, it doesn’t.

  • Question the idea that it’s going to take lots of people becoming enlightened before humanity has a chance.
  • Question the idea that others must be changed for any reason so that humanity has a chance.
  • Question the idea that everyone must become enlightened based on your personal definition.
  • Question the idea that you have to wait on the world to change before you’ll be safe here on planet Earth.

What does evolution of consciousness look like?
Get up and go have a good long look at your beautiful face in the mirror. You really are it. You’re what it looks like right now.

The mind that believes what it thinks, is disconnect from its true nature. That mind is conditioned as all of our minds are… until we question them. We cannot help but believe what we think because we think we’re the ones doing the thinking! Thoughts are shared. They flow through and flow out. If you attach to one, it’s got you. If you question it, it let’s go of you.

Looking outward at the world, waiting for others to change first, is a major clue you’ve fallen asleep at the wheel of your life. There’s nothing wrong with that and nothing to be ashamed of. It’s painful when we make others responsible for our lives and they don’t do what we think they should. The pain is life’s gentle alarm clock saying, “wake up and see what’s going on”.
If you’ve been waiting… just do it

Any shift of the ages that is not extremely personal and real in your life right now, is no shift at all. There is no shift of anything if it isn’t in you. It’s just something else to believe.

Do you have a vision of what’s possible? Do you see free people everywhere? Why just toy with the idea? Free the people right now. Free them in your own mind. Free them from what you believe about them; that they were the problem or that they need to change before things would work out and even perhaps free them from yourself. Maybe you don’t know what they should be doing. Isn’t that possible?

If your ultimate vision includes no more suffering, no more oppression, no more slavery, then free your mind first. Free your mind from being a slave to an ideal, from the suffering that comes from waiting for others to do it first when they don’t. You can end suffering now by questioning what you believe. If you think it isn’t enough and you’ve never tried it, then don’t believe it… just do it and see for yourself if there’s any truth to it.

Is consciousness personal? How can it not be? Are you ready to do the work that being a conscious human being requires?

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