Face The Fear And Jump Into The Void

By Catherine Jeans in Intention on August 3rd, 2008 / No Comments

“If you listen to your fears, you will die never knowing what a great person you might have been.” Robert H. Schuller, Entrepreneur

How often have you come up with an amazing idea for a new business, an invention or had a dream of how you’d like your life to be… yet within minutes, your vision has been blown apart by fear and anxiety. Questions flood into your conscious mind so quickly you’re thinking about the next reason why this will never happen before you’ve even examined the first. Thoughts such as:

  • I’d never find the money to do that
  • No one will believe in me
  • What if it fails?
  • What if I lose everything and end up making a fool of myself?

Fear destroys creative vision before you have time to think about making your ideas become a reality. Life passes at a rapid pace and as quick as a flash you could be on your deathbed imagining all the things that might have been, all the wonderful ideas your brilliant mind gave you as a gift but fear stopped you from taking them any further.

The greatest business minds across the globe are people who have dared to dream and had the determination to create their reality. Like the first adventurers to climb the tallest mountains or voyage into the unknown oceans, they were prepared to look over the edge, peer into the void and take the biggest leap of their lives. They were probably consumed by fear, so scared of what might happen yet more driven to discover what could be and what will be.

Embrace fear, you can never destroy it!
Fear is an inevitable part of life. It is the most basic of animal instincts that protects us from danger through the fight or flight response. Adrenalin rushes through our veins as we decide whether to stand and fight the oncoming tiger or attempt to outrun it. Many self-help experts advocate banishing fear from our lives completely but fear is such a fundamental part of human physiology that this concept is impossible.

Instead, we need to learn to embrace the fear and find the courage to fight the tiger instead of running away. We need to process and deal with fear, acknowledge it and feel it in a way that doesn’t consume us from taking on the wonderful challenges of life. As we sign our first business deal it’s the rush of adrenaline from the fear inside us that gives us a sense of achievement and motivation to carry on.

Using fear as a weapon for success
The key to using fear is to embrace it consciously rather than letting it drag you off your chosen path for the future. Overcoming your fear can become a driving force to achieving your dreams, proving to yourself that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to. Remember that old high school teacher who told you you’d never make anything of your life and that you’d always be a failure? Turn your fear of failing into a positive goal – the desire to be the best at whatever you set your mind to!

Here are some guiding principles to take hold of your fear so that you can be in the driving seat and fight your tigers and achieve your dreams:

Write down your fears: this way you can rationally evaluate all the worries that constantly go round and around in your head. By dealing with them rationally one by one, written in front of you, you’ll begin to realise your fears are easy to overcome. For each fear that you write down, come up with a positive action plan to overcome it. For example, if you have a fear of failure, write a positive affirmation: “I am successful in everything I do. I have nothing to prove to anyone except myself. I am already a success!” This way you are asking your brain for solutions rather than closing it with negative statements.

Write down your goals and the actions you plan to take to make them reality: setting goals will keep you focused and prevent fear from taking over. For advice on powerful goal setting see the articles on this website.

Visualize your new life: take 20 minutes everyday to visualize what life will be like once you’ve achieved your goals. Create a picture in your mind of you living your life, sitting at your desk in your own company. What colour is your office? How big is the desk? What does the wood smell like? What sounds can you hear? What emotions are you feeling? Awaken all your senses to the reality of where your life is headed so that fear no longer prevents you from achieving what you set out to do.

Be aware of your past: reflect on your past and be prepared to let go of negative experiences and see each day as a new opportunity. Rephrase “mistakes” as learning experiences that have enabled you to grow and will enable you to be a success.

Make friends with positive and supportive people: free yourself from negatives influences such as an ex who only phones when they’re lonely or a work colleague who always tries to get you to do their work for them.

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