Discover The Quantum Method of Manifesting Your Life Dreams Now!

The Dream Manifestation Wizard™ is the most effective software program for achieving your goals and creating your life dreams.

This award-winning application helps easily shape your life precisely the way you want it. Create the exact blueprint in your subconscious of all of the dreams, goals and desires - then sit back and watch them manifest in your life!

The Quantum Method of Manifestation
The Quantum Method of ManifestationScientists all over the world finally understand that everything in the universe and our lives is based on consciousness. When you observe something, it exists only as pure potential. Observation with focused attention turns your intentions into reality!

Start with over 550 Built-in Templates
Start With Over 120 Built-in TemplatesChoose from over 50 predefined categories to target every area of your life. The Wizard's forms are scientifically designed to help you maximize the process of turning your dreams into reality. The Wizard's templates energize the process and start you off immediately manifesting your life dreams.

Personalize with Your Own Pictures
Personalize with Your Own PicturesUse your own pictures, ones that have special meaning for you, to further enhance the reality you would like to create. Choose images that evoke the hidden potential of your own dreams. The Wizard works with you to select pictures from your computer, digital camera or the Internet. 

Energize with Your Own Voice
Energize with your own VoiceRecord your own personal messages to go along with your intentions. With one click, your intention is recorded into the template. Another click saves your recording. Your spoken intention is now saved with your personal image for the maximum power of focused intention. You can also import any sound or music.

Create Unlimited Goals and Dreams
Create Unlimited Goals and DreamsSet up as many dream templates as you like. You can organize them in different categories and select the categories for playback to meet specific manifestation goals. Each template can be completely and easily edited at any time. You can change your written intention, your personalized image or your spoken recording.

Elegant, Low-Profile Appearance
Elegant, Low-profile AppearanceA gentle gong rings at the beginning of your intention 'replay.' A small window frame appears smoothly on top of your current desktop. The Dream Manifestation Wizard then seamlessly plays back all the components of your intentions (written, graphical and audio) in any number and any sequence you have chosen.

Create your Intentions the Way You Want
Create Your Intentions the Way You WantPersonalize your session by choosing one of 12 included beautiful frames to display your dream templates. You can move the frame to any position on your screen and it will automatically memorize the location for the next session. If your session starts inconveniently, simply double click on the frame and the session ends immediately.
Customize your Session Start
Customize Your Session StartChoose short bells to longer inspirational quotes and many other sounds to start your session 'replay,' or record your own. An optional delay timer gently reminds you when the Wizard activates so you can compose yourself for optimal, focused attention to your dreams.

Integrated Coach for Instant Success
Integrated Notepad for Your IdeasUse the integrated coach to help you discover and eliminate any limiting beliefs and replace them with supportive beliefs to create success in your life. Within minutes you will experience clarity and see new possibilities to act upon. Choose between 5 powerful sessions: wealth, health, relationships, time, and career.

Automatic Goal & Life Dream Reminder
Automatic Dream ReminderThe Dream Reminder is the heart of the Dream Manifestation Wizard's time function. Use the Reminder to choose playback of your intentions on any schedule from every five minutes to every six hours. The Reminder can also be set to random playback. Select specific categories for playback or randomize according to your needs.

Create Manifestation Sessions for your iPhone
New! Export Your Dreams to Your iPodListen to your dreams even when you are not on your computer. Export your Dream templates to your iPhone, iPod, or other MP3 player. Choose between a relaxed, meditative session or an inspiring, motivational one. Choose between a male or female voice. With one click, you can create your own manifesting audio sessions.

Available For Windows XP & Windows Vista
Available For Windows And MacThe Dream Manifestation Wizard is compatible with Windows XP and Vista. You can download the Dream Manifestation Wizard directly from our website, or order the CD-ROM version [currently unavailable]. Installation takes only a few minutes, and you will soon be ready to start creating your dreams.

Receive 3 Special Bonus Ebooks
Special Bonus Gift IncludedThe Science of Getting Rich: a down-to-earth, clear-cut and practical guide that has shown generations of readers the way to riches and fulfillment. Zen to Done: the ultimate simple productivity system will get you more organized and productive. Seven Steps to Prosperity: the popular wealth building system you'll grow to love.

12-Month Money-Back Guarantee
12-Month Money Back GuaranteeThe Dream Manifestation Wizard comes with an unconditional money-back guarantee for 12 months. If, during this time, you do not find the Wizard to be simple, fun and highly effective in helping you make your dreams reality, we will quickly refund your money - no questions asked. You may keep your bonus ebooks with our compliments.

Start Making your Dreams Come True!

The Dream Manifestation Wizard (see detailed screenshots here) creates an exact blueprint in your subconscious of what you want to manifest. Your subconscious mind then immediately starts to work on turning your dreams into reality. Applying the latest discoveries in quantum physics helps shift and direct your attention toward new possibilities. Acting on these possibilities finally brings your dreams to life.

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