Find Your Gifts & Talents And You Will Find Your Dream

By Helen Gordon in Manifesting Dreams on February 4th, 2007 / 2 Comments

You have a dream, an urging to express yourself. Hold on to it for the dream is God’s idea eager to be expressed through you. It is God’s choice through you the idea should be fulfilled. God gave you the idea with a restlessness to live it and with the tools, passion and joy to see it through full manifestation. Through this idea, the grace of God is experienced within all who come in contact with it.

Sure you have a dream. We all have a dream, a strong desire of some kind; something that provides deep satisfaction. If you feel this does not apply to you, let’s find it. If you know what it is, let’s enhance it. Now this is not a dream of fantasy. It is a physical activity of sorts in our human experience which takes place while we are fully awake. The idea may be in the form of a song, a painting, a sculpture, a garment, a poem, a literary work, an oratory, a community service, a recipe, or many forms but it is the idea of God which will ultimately come forth in all its splendor.

Perhaps right now we have chosen to deny the dream’s existence as if it were our own little secret. Thus, we control when, if ever, it will be exposed to the world. Doing so gives a false sense of control. It cannot be controlled or contained within us since it does not belong to us. Remaining closed to the dream does not give us control of it nor can we imprison its divineness.

Our human being has been an incubator for the dream and desires to come through us effortlessly. An idea of God will eventually emerge from its incubator for it has a purpose in this human experience. Fulfillment of that purpose will unfold regardless of our conscious participation.

We have been given the opportunity to be the main conduit for the dream to unfold. Simply shoving it deep into our subconscious is an act of denial where insecure thoughts grasp the illusion it knows nothing of the dream. This is a form of fear. We fear clarity of the dream for our knowing will dissolve the lies we have created or accepted about ourselves which prevent us from pursuing this desire.

Fear, our worst enemy, may try to convince us of the seeming limitations or impossibilities of reaching our dream’s goal. Although we fear failure, God cannot fail Itself. Sometimes those insecure thoughts will question our worthiness, playing on the self-created shortcomings we have invited into our lives.

Questioning our worthiness says we need somehow to make a change. If there were a need to change something to establish our worthiness, that particular dream would not be so urgent to express through us. Questioning our worthiness also says God did not know what He was doing when He chose us for our role in the dream. He must have made a wrong choice. This is absurd and we no longer allow our fears to imply such an insult!

If we must, a challenge of human preparation, such as formal training, to strengthen our faith in ourselves may be in order. Training can help release thoughts of limitations. Releasing the limitations haunting our little self will free the power of our higher Self. Progressively our faith in ourselves will strengthen. God’s faith in our ability to fulfill our calling, i.e., our role in the dream, is stronger than ours.

Regardless of the appearance and seeming influence of the dream, we will be guided and inspired righteously. Others’ dreams may appear more significant than ours so we feel there is some queue for us to wait in before pursuing our dream. God’s idea is not in waiting; it continuously unfolds.

Faith is weakened when concerned with how impossible the dream may seem. There is no impossible dream. God did not create a dream or idea He cannot fulfill. God has no need to fantasize. This dream was deliberately given through us knowing it can be expressed and manifested best with our skill.

Notice how the steps toward perfecting this skill progresses easily. This skill unfolds in the form of a “natural gift.” However, a natural gift is merely a complete inner instruction manual on how to live this dream to its fullest. We have ready access to this manual at any instant because it is as much a part of us as the flesh on our body. Call upon it at will. It is ever present to support us in every way. This is its purpose.

But it’s too much fun? Desires are meant to be enjoyed; otherwise it would be a chore! Chores are far more difficult to get done. God knows that making it desirable is an advantage for all.

Go forward with the dream with sincere humility. Humility creates that space in the mind for greatness to express through us. Fully accept this role of grandeur for God has more grand and glorious things awaiting us.

Acceptance of ourselves in this role allows us to put truth in visible action. From this action, there will be divine reaction, the natural unfoldment of blessings in abundance. We will discover a special joy as we develop the dream. We cannot help but feel good when engaged in fulfilling the dream because we are fulfilling our calling, God’s idea. There is no need to focus on who will validate our dream’s worth. We are magnificently and wonderfully made for what God has purposed; our existence is not a mistake.

Our activities will inspire many who in some form or time have the opportunity to witness the joy of our work. Within each one’s inspiration is a revelation. Perhaps it is the revelation of their own divine dream. Therefore, there is no need for competition. All dreams are equal in the eyes of God.

One dream reveals another, inspires another, prepares for another, unites with another, and is shared with another to reveal this idea of God. This idea of God was established well before our first breath. We had nothing to do with its inception. It must be made manifest here on earth.

Reaching the goal of the dream is not the end. It is the beginning of a new one, usually apparent well before the goal is reached. Eventually it will be revealed how that goal was merely a stepping stone for the expansion of the dream.

Commitment to the dream allows us to live in a state of grace for we become aware of the Truth about who we are and our reason for being. The Omnipresence becomes obvious to us. The purpose of our dream becomes clear. Our commitment becomes stronger.

Commit to the dream but not for the sake of personal recognition or monetary gain. Commit for the glorification of God for in our commitment there is obedience. For this reason, we will be rewarded.

Excerpt from ‘All You Need Is Within You’ by Helen Gordon

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2 Responses to “Find Your Gifts & Talents And You Will Find Your Dream”

  1. David K Collan Says:

    All my Life I have experienced many unusual happenings. I am not any more special than you, and I want to make this perfectly clear! I just want to share some of my happenings with you so we can all learn and encourage each other with hope (such as, make a way where there seemeth not a way), vision, purpose, to create what we are ment to create, and find what we are ment to find, and help with what we are ment to help, and to Love such as we are ment to Love, even in our faults, so we may grow together, in order to find what we are ment to find, which is what?, of course, LIFE. This is to share, not hoard within ourselves the greatest gift with a purpose, maybe to fill in the missing links which might be, each other’s gifts.

    These Gifts are not for sale, nor is there any amount of money, currency, or possessions, which could stand up beside these gift’s!, however there is a purpose, so let’s learn together not to be mindless and miss the Boat, for surly a sunken ship is worthless-moot-worthless, with only two purposesess left, one to deteriate, rust, and return back to it’s origin unfilled in it’s mission or number two- to be a example or short story to be soon forgotten, with loss forever (how sad).

    I need you and you need me, so let’s us bypass judgment, and soor above the waters together, for this is our calling- our pre-determined destiny, our gift’s put all together, and let us find the way, where seemeth not a way. Let us find the secret, let light shine on it, that all may find the way! My son just informed me this is a bunch of mumbo-jumbo-hypie-type of sharin feelings. Sorry If I came across this way.

    David Kelly Collan January 6,2007

  2. Curt Bizelli Says:

    God doesn’t make wrong choices! :-) That’s exactly why you are you and He is God!

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