Focus Without Intention Gets You What You Don’t Want

By Bill Harris in Intention on March 18th, 2007 / No Comments

I’ve often said that that which you focus your mind on is THE KEY to what you create in life. What you focus on determines the internal states you experience – how you feel, moment by moment – and it also determines the external results you get.

The trouble is, most people do their focusing unconsciously and without intention. How they focus, and what they focus on, runs automatically – which means that sometimes they focus on what they DON’T want – and get it. And, in addition, focusing on what you don’t want creates bad feelings.

In fact, I’ll make an even more sweeping statement:

ANY TIME you experience an uncomfortable feeling – any time you feel bad – you are focusing on what you do not want, what you are afraid of, or what you are worried about. This is the only way anyone can experience bad feelings.

Luckily, you can control what you focus your mind on, which means you can control whether or not you experience bad feelings, too.

The first (and, some would say, the most important) is The Principle of Letting Whatever Happens Be Okay. This idea of what you focus on, and this first principle, are closely related – in fact, in a sense, they are two ways of saying the same thing.

When you are not letting “what is” be okay – when you’re emotionally resisting the way things are – what you’re actually doing inside your head is making pictures or other internal representations of what you don’t want, and then emotionally reacting to these internal representations with resistance. You think of what you don’t want, are afraid of, or are worried about, and then try to move away from it or avoid it.

You Have A Choice
I’ve often said that to resist or not resist is a choice, that when something happens that is other than what you would have liked, you can either resist – which means you suffer in some way – or you can just PREFER that things be different, in which case you can remain happy and peaceful. This applies to things you can do nothing about, and also to things you can do something about.

I mention this because I want to make sure you understand that not resisting doesn’t mean you accept whatever happens without any attempt to shape events the way you want them to be. It does mean, though, that you remain emotionally okay and unattached to the outcome while you are working to change those things you may be able to change, or while you’re dealing with those things you cannot change.

Often I’m asked how a person can make the choice to not resist something. Someone will write me, convinced that this principle is true in theory, but not understanding how to put it into practice. Usually this means that the person experiences him or herself AT THE EFFECT of some cause, over which they have no control – in other words, they do not feel as if they are in charge of their feelings, impulses, and internal states – and sometimes, even their behavior.

What Creates Resistance?
So the question becomes, “how do you do ‘not resisting’ something?” What do you actually DO that creates resistance, and what do you change so as to end it? I was thinking about this and it suddenly occurred to me that resistance and the idea of what you focus your mind on are really about the same thing. Once I realized this, the answer came to me: you can’t resist without focusing your mind on that which you’re resisting. You can’t resist without making internal representations (internal sounds, pictures, and internal dialog) of what you do not want.

To resist, you have to focus on what you don’t want, with the idea that you want to move away from it or in some way avoid it! I’ve been telling people for some time now that when you focus on what you don’t want, you do two things:

  1. You give your mind an instruction to create or draw to you, in one way or another, whatever you’re focusing on.
  2. You get to feel lousy.

When you make internal representations of what you don’t want, your mind thinks you want it. Why does your mind do such a lousy thing to you? Because it’s wired in such a way that it takes what you focus on as a literal instruction to get or create something for you. It doesn’t distinguish between those things you focus on that you WANT and those things you focus on that you DON’T WANT. YOU have to distinguish between these two things, and be conscious enough to only entertain internal representation of what you want.

You Control Your Focus
Luckily, the ONE thing you have complete and total control over is WHAT YOU FOCUS ON. That means that when you feel bad, it’s a signal that you are focusing on what you don’t want – and that by consciously changing that focus to what you want, you can change how you feel.

Not only that, you also change the results you get, because you change the instructions you’re giving your brain from what you DON’T want to what you DO want.

And, I’m here to tell you that your mind is REALLY good at creating whatever instructions you give it. Right now, with no training whatsoever, you are as proficient as any human who has ever lived at creating exactly what you focus on. It’s built into you. Your only problem is that you haven’t been focusing consciously. (More about than in a moment.)

At the risk of repeating myself, let me remind you why someone would focus on what they don’t want: they have been wounded, traumatized, or abused in some way. They have had one or more significant emotional experiences that have caused them to say: “There’s danger in the world, and I have to avoid it in order to be safe.” To try to avoid this danger, you have to focus on it (at least you think so). But ironically, focusing on it creates more of it, and you also get the added bonus of experiencing bad feelings.

So whether I talk about resistance, or about focusing on what you don’t want, I’m essentially talking about the same thing, and my sincere advice to you is to give up both of them.

Finally, underlying even the broad topic of resistance and what you focus your mind on, is the question “Who’s in charge?” And the answer, in case you don’t know, is that YOU are in charge. You may not be exercising the control you undeniably have over what happens, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t available to you. It may look as if you are a leaf in the whirlwind of fate, but that’s just how it LOOKS.

You Are in Charge, I Promise
You can decide, in any moment, what you focus your mind on, what thoughts you think, what pictures you make inside your head. You can decide to focus on what you want, and if you do, you’ll get it, and you’ll feel good while you’re getting it. Most people do not exercise this tremendous power, however. Instead, most people allow their mind to run all over the place, automatically, allowing whatever internal representations their mind happens to automatically create to run wild in their mind.

Here, then, is my suggestion for you: take the reins of your mind. Become aware, moment by moment, of what you’re doing inside your head, and if it isn’t what you want – if what you experience, either inside or out, isn’t what you intended – exercise your power to change your focus.

You can do this. I’m not saying IT WILL BE EASY. At first, it’s not easy to tame your mind. It takes tremendous persistence, because the part of you that thinks it needs to focus on danger in order to be safe has a lot of momentum. But if you keep paying attention, and keep exercising control and choice about what you focus on, it will become easier and easier. Finally, directing your mind to do what you want it to do will become a habit, and from that point it’s easy.

And, once you get to that point, the world is your oyster, because you’ll be able to create whatever you want. I know this is true, because I’ve done it, and you can do it, too.

Now, if you want a shortcut to accomplishing this (and you do, don’t you?), here are two things you can do:

  1. Use Holosync every day to meditate, and complete all the levels of The Holosync Solution program. This will create the conscious awareness you need to become aware of how your mind creates your reality, and will give you tremendous conscious control over your mind, what it focuses on, and what it creates.
  2. Take the three online courses of my Life Principles Integration Process, in which you’ll discover exactly how your mind creates everything that happens to you, and how you can take complete and total charge of this process. To read about these courses, and to hear a free lesson, go to:

So there you have it. What you focus on is the key to life. I’m handing you the key. All you have to do is take it from me, and open the door.

For more information visit: The Centerpointe Institute

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