Follow the 101-Day Plan to Enlightened Wealth

By Thomas Herold in Prosperity on November 24th, 2006 / 7 Comments

Cracking the Millionaire Code: Your Key to Enlightened WealthWhy do some people struggle financially while others seem destined for more prosperous lives? What if you could enjoy a more abundant lifestyle without sacrificing anything you now hold dear your values, your health, your spirituality, your freedom, your friends and family? Take it from two authors who know firsthand: You can.

Mark Victor Hansen is coauthor of the phenomenally successful Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and Robert G. Allen is the author of the blockbuster paradigm-shifting bestseller Nothing Down. But it wasn’t always that way. Neither author is a stranger to failure. Both have lost everything more than once! But, independent of each other and over time, these two men came up with principles for helping both themselves and others. They began conducting their business lives along enlightened lines, and since then their joy and their wealth have grown exponentially.

Now, with this book, Hansen and Allen have teamed up to provide you with their time-tested tenets for unlocking the secrets of creating Enlightened Wealth. The keys lie in the books four wealth codes:

  • The Destiny Code
  • The Prism Code
  • The Angel Code
  • The Star Code

Along the way you’ll read stories of people just like you who have discovered the extraordinary lives they were meant to live and stepped into them. You’ll learn how to turn your unknown assets into millions, create your own Enlightened Wealth Statement, unleash the power of hundredfolding, follow the 101-Day Plan to your first million, and use Residual Philanthropy to pave your way to even greater wealth.

And the beauty of it all is that the first tumbler to click into place is found inside of you it’s based on doing what comes naturally. Once you determine what you love to do (and the pages ahead have dozens of tips for doing so), you enlighten your journey with the fire of your true passion.

Yes, this is going to take determination and hard work, but once you’ve cracked the Millionaire Code, all your effort will seem “right” in a way that it never did before.

Are You Ready to Become the Next Enlightened Millionaire?

Learn the fastest, most natural route to prospering with integrity:

  • Discover your enlightened million-dollar idea
  • Turn your unknown assets into millions
  • Gather an amazing team around you
  • Unleash the power of hundredfolding
  • Follow the 101-Day Plan to your first enlightened million
  • Use Residual Philanthropy to pave your way to even greater wealth

Like the dozens of people whose inspiring stories of Enlightened Wealth are told in the pages of this book, you can live the life you want the life you were meant to lead. What are you waiting for?

Read An Excerpt From Crown Publishing Group

Author Biography
Mark Victor Hansen is the coauthor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, one of the biggest-selling book lines in history, with more than 100 million copies in print. He has been a public speaker for thirty years, entertaining and enlightening audiences worldwide. He is the author of five other books and six popular audio programs and is the recipient of numerous honorary degrees and awards, including the Horatio Alger Award.

Robert G. Allen has probably helped create more millionaires in North America than any other single person and is the author of some of the most successful financial books in history. His first two books, Nothing Down and Creating Wealth, have each sold more than a million copies, and his other books Multiple Streams of Income, Multiple Streams of Internet Income, and The One Minute Millionaire (coauthored with Mark Victor Hansen) have also been major New York Times bestsellers.

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7 Responses to “Follow the 101-Day Plan to Enlightened Wealth”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I bought this book after buying and reading their other book the one minute millionaire. All I have had is frustration. I signed up to their website to see how I was going with the codes. Never got a confirmation email. Went back to their site, sent email to their support teams, followed the advice of their website (turned off spam, email support if you do not receive the email, and registered other email accounts of mine) and several months later have not been able to log on. They do not respond to emails, and find this the worst experience I have ever had with a book that relies on a support website. Some support – Not!

  2. Thomas Herold Says:

    Hi Lisa,

    I had a complete different experience. After watching a movie with a promotion to get the book for free, I called them up. The lady on the phone didn’t know about the promotion and told me she will call me back. She did one hour later, took my address down, and the book arrived next day! I am still reading it – I gave up on cracking the codes immediately. However if you read through the first 50 pages it will get very interesting. For me this book is a diamond mine, full with wonderful tips…

  3. Jason Says:

    Not everyone thinks of the 10 impeding beliefs
    as such I have been after a way to be able to be free of my JOB
    just over broke!!!!! since I was 16 years old and am about to give up
    I have tried probably every possible way of becoming so finacially set
    that I dont have to be any where near a business, simply just making money no matter what I am doing some of you may gauk at this but I truly believe you just have to be in the right place at the right time and it should not cost you a dime other that maybe advertizing what your doing in order to make a name for yourself and thats the secret to being Wealthy the only problem is how do you do that if you dont have the credit or money and are not willing to sacrifice your families lively hood in order to do these things? If you know a way I would like to know, I have not finished cracking the millionaire code book yet I just got it today and so far it makes absolutely no sense to me apparently its just another book of mumbo jumbo thats not helping anyone but these two guys who are laughin all the way to the bank!!!!!

  4. Clarence Holliman Says:


    I have this book as part of my collection along with to others by Robert Allen. I find it to be very inspirational. While I haven’t quite cracked the code? I won’t give up on it’s purpose.

    Most of Mr. Allens books have been very helpful to me. I with no doubt believe this one will be also. Books are created to steer us in a direction in one way or another. Its what we as indivduals get out of them that counts most to us.

    Don’t give up on this one yet! Re-read it, you might find that you’re missing the big picture.

    May Good Fortune Follow You Everywhere!

    CH 2007

  5. Tish Says:

    I’ve signed up to their website as the books encourages the reader to download the 101 day plan. However, after I registered, I never got a confirmation email, sent email to their support, no response from the support dept and I still haven’t been able to log on. They do not respond to emails!! Would anyone have a copy of the 101 Day Plan?

  6. Douglas Says:

    Good search

  7. Douglas Says:

    I meant your work details work has reveal what was hidden for decades. thanks

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