Whatever You Do – Make It Your Intention

By Thomas Herold in Intention on December 18th, 2007 / 2 Comments

In anything you do, the key to getting the fullest results is to be fully intentional. There are no failures, only feedback. What would you do if you knew you could not fail? You would give everything you’ve got without holding back, and therefore you will gain the most out of life. Whether you get back good or bad results, it is still results. If you never give enough, you will never know how far you can go. No matter the results, it is still for your highest good. Therefore you want to go as far as you can to see all.

Whatever you do gets you feedback. Negative feedback lets you know when you are off track and positive feedback lets you know when you are on track. Sometimes you get positive and negative feedback together so you do not know how much you are on track or off track. Never leave an orange light as it is. Push it all the way so that it will either turn green or red. One way or the other, you will know whether to stay or move on. Clear the mixed signals in life and you’ll become clearer in what your path is.

Half hearted action is half hearted results. The universe reflects to you what you give out to it. When you are fully committed, the universe commits with you. The universe and you are one. All of reality is your consciousness. The situations that you see and the responses that you get are simply echoes of your own signals that you send out. You create your own world and everything in it. You can have anything you want and it all begins with you. So give of yourself fully and the universe will return you fullness.

If you find that life is not giving you as much as you desire it to give you, or that people are not responding to you as fully as you would like them to, you are the one who created it. Become more purposeful and fully involved in what you do and your interactions with people, and you will see your work achieve far greater effect and find others responding to you a lot differently. You will find that it is not life that gives you anything, but it is you who gives yourself. You and life are one. What you give is to yourself.

All of life is for you to experience yourself. It may seem that what you give to others creates a reciprocal effect by which they give back to you. But you are one with everything that exist. Therefore everything is you and what is really happening is that you are simply having the experience of giving within yourself. The more you give, the more you experience giving within yourself. Those that get the most out of life are the ones who give the most of themselves. To experience it all, give all of yourself to life.

Have a plan. Know beforehand exactly what you want from a situation. Always lead the way, know what you are going to do next after the current activity. Show that you know what you are doing and that every action you make is intentional. This is how you are always in control of yourself and your world. Everything has to be the result of conscious creation. You’ll find that you get more of exactly what it is you want out of life in every moment when you act fully with intent while being detached from results.

Walk with purpose, let every action you make be a deliberate one. Show that you are strong and clear with your intent so that others can trust you and honor you as a person with power. Be willing to tell them what you are there for and what you are doing. If you want more certainty out of life, communicate more certainty from yourself. Never make the mistake of others being the one with the character. They are only reflecting your character, and you are the one who draws out that aspect of themselves.

As a creator of your own reality, you are a leader and an initiator. Therefore always have a plan for yourself and communicate it. Whatever you do in every moment, always communicate that it is your intention to do so. Don’t act like you are just following the group or another person. Show that everything you do is according to your purpose and will. To be fully intentional about everything you do is to acknowledge total responsibility. When you live life with such a consciousness, you’re a very powerful creator.

There are times when we do not do something fully because we are afraid of failure or negative response. We feel that if we commit ourselves totally and do not get the results that we want, all our efforts would be in vain. But the truth is nothing we ever do is in vain, and our fears are only illusions based on ignorance of how reality works and who we really are as the power and presence of the creator. The irony of not doing something fully in order not to fail completely is the very thing that causes us to fail.

Whatever you do, do it all the way. It is all or nothing. You deserve nothing less than the best. Anything that is half realized, is not realized. Your purpose here is to allow the creator to express everything it has purposed to express through you. Dreams that are lived half way are not lived at all. For any dream to be turned into reality, it has to be lived fully! There is only one way to live the life you were meant to live, and that is to live it to the fullest. There is no other way. Full success requires your full actions.

Miracles or coincidences occur when you are being fully intentional. Weak actions with weak wishes only got you weak results. But at times when you were fully decided and went ahead and act without caring about results, that’s when the universe seemed to make the situation perfect for you to experience what you want. Such synchronicities are really for you to realize that the outer world reflects your inner world. When you are fully committed, that’s when providence moves. Give yourself wholly.

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  1. Kim Says:

    I always look forward to Enoch Tan’s articles; they are inspiring, useful and uplifting. Thank you Enoch!

  2. Enoch Says:

    Thank you Kim, I appreciate it! Special Thanks to Thomas Herold for posting my articles too!

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