The Inner Game of Wealth That Creates Your Outer Riches

By Enoch Tan in Prosperity on January 6th, 2008 / One Comment

Your ability to create and retain wealth is determined by your relationship with money. Like everything else, money is a form of energy which is attracted to the energy that is like itself. Your relationship with anything determines how much of that thing you are attracting or repelling. Money does not exist by itself but it is always attached with the energy of the person who relates with it. The same money can be experienced by different people in different ways according to the relationship they each have with it.

Rich people know that money is important, that is why they have it. Poor people think money is not important, that is why they lack it. Can you imagine if you kept telling your spouse that they are not important, how long do you think they are going to stay with you? What you appreciate, appreciates in value. What you do not appreciate, depreciates in value. Know that money is important and appreciate it, but do not be attached to it. It’s having a healthy relationship where you cherish it but are free from it.

Your motivation for making money is vital. If your motivation for making money comes from fear, anger or the need to prove yourself, then money will never bring you happiness. Anger and the need to prove yourself are also forms of fear. It is a state of being where you feel you don’t have something and therefore you need to fight to get it. It is to intend and act from a place of fear. The opposite is to intend and act from a place of love. It is a state of being where you are whole and doing what brings you joy.

You may not think of fear as your main motivation for success, but instead you may think it is security. But security as motivation is also fear based, because seeking security comes from insecurity. Having more money will not solve the problem because the root of the problem is not money but fear. When you have more money, you fear that you will lose it or that people will be after your money. If you can’t be secure now, you can never be secure no matter how little or how much money you ever have.

For people who are driven by the need to prove that they are good enough, no amount of money or anything else that they have will ever be enough. Your inner world creates your outer world. If you believe you are not enough, you will validate that belief and create the reality that you don’t have enough. On the other hand, if you believe you are enough, you will create plenty of abundance. The outer world does not create your sense of self. You create your sense of self and it creates your external reality.

Many people who come from poor families become angry about it. Their anger drives them to go out and get rich or at least have the motivation to do so. But the more money they make, the angrier they become. Because their money is linked with anger. When they get tired of being angry and just want to be happy, they do things subconsciously to get rid of their money in order to get rid of their anger. But they still remain angry without money because the real issue is resentment with their parents.

Some people encountered painful incidents with money in the past such as losing loved ones because of it. They may find themselves involved in careers where they are subconsciously still trying to save the person or salvage the situation. They link money with pain and therefore they subconsciously get rid of all their money in an effort to get rid of their pain. Whenever you link pain, fear, anger or inadequacy with money, that is what you will experience with it no matter how much or how little you have of it.

Be aware of your mental associations with money. If you know what your negative mental associations with money are, you can change them by changing your relationship with the actual thing that relates with money. Deal with your sense of self, your experience with the past, your consciousness of abundance, and your mental relationship with others. Your real issue is in the inner world, and once you’ve handle it, you can make money through positive motivations of purpose, contribution and joy.

Your relationship with money is also reflected by your relationship with rich people. Rich people admire other rich people. Poor people resent other rich people. Other people are extensions of yourself. If you think bad of rich people, you would subconsciously prevent yourself from becoming rich because you are resisting having the same identity. You can’t be rich if you think bad of rich people but you think of yourself as good. How can you possibly learn from or be inspired by someone you put down?

Practice admiring, blessing and loving rich people. Bless that which you want. It is not enough to bless money, but you also have to bless those that have it. You need to be a rich person in order to have plenty of money. Imagine yourself having it as well and you will bless those that have it. Whenever you think thoughts of resentment about a rich person making more money than they deserve or you are judging their intentions, immediately switch to thinking thoughts of praise, admiration and support for them.

Your opinions about other people’s wealth makes no difference to their happiness and wealth but it makes a difference to your happiness and wealth. It is because what you think about them, you are thinking about yourself too. Truly love money and rich people. Make money because of love and not because of fear. Ultimately the measure of real wealth is in knowing you’re not lacking in any way. Those who know they have enough are truly wealthy. It’s the inner game of wealth that creates your outer riches.

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One Response to “The Inner Game of Wealth That Creates Your Outer Riches”

  1. Sean H Says:

    An awesome article. I think that this article is spot on in outlining the necessary attitude and relationship that needs to be present with money. It needs to be respected and understood, but not necessarily admired. Money is very powerful and will lead to wealth and freedom. I think many people believe that they want ‘money’ but first need to determine why they want money. It’s not usually money that they desire but the freedom that the money brings.

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