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The Science of Getting RichMany books have been written about getting rich, but most authors only focus on the material aspect of wealth. It is much more important to start with your inner being – your soul, your essence, your light, whatever name you have for it.Rediscover the original version of Wallace D. Wattles’ 1910 classic, “The Science of Getting Rich“, the forerunner of every personal finance and self-help book ever written. This book is a down-to-earth, clear-cut and practical guide that has shown generations of readers the way to riches and fulfillment in life.

This Book Shows You How to:

  • Live your dream
  • Acquire wealth
  • Learn a proven method for success
  • Access your inner strength
  • Realize your potential

Claim Your Right to be Rich
The Science of Getting Rich will, without any doubt, change your life by changing your mind about the concept of “money”. Many of us were brought up with the idea that money is a finite resource we must compete for. This book is designed to release every preconceived idea that is holding us back from wealth. The basic premise of this book is that becoming wealthy is a science, that once understood, and replicated, will create wealth in everyone’s life. Wealth is as infinite as the creative mind. Create ideas, take action and abundance will flow.

Learn New Thought Principles
Little is known about Wattles’ life. He was born in the U.S. shortly after the Civil War, and experienced much failure in his earlier years. Later in life he took to studying various religious beliefs and philosophies of the world, including those of Descartes, Spinoza, Leibnitz, Schopenhauer, Hegel, Swedenborg, Emerson and others. It was through his tireless study and experimentation that he discovered the truth of New Thought principles and put them into practice in his own life.

Start With Your New Vision
Wattles began to write books outlining these principles. He practiced the technique of creative visualization, and as his daughter Florence relates, “He wrote almost constantly. It was then that he formed his mental picture. He saw himself as a successful writer, a personality of power, an advancing man, and he began to work toward the realization of this vision. He lived every page”. His life was truly the powerful life.

A Mental and Spiritual Approach on How to Become Rich
No bones about it, when you apply the principles presented in this book, you too will become rich, without the feelings of guilt. As a matter of fact, the author writes that the poverty-stricken (and even the middle class) should feel guilty because they are not living up to their true potential as Thinking Beings.

Whatever may be said in praise of poverty, the fact remains that it is not possible to live a really complete or successful life unless one is rich, Wattles writes. You cannot rise to your greatest possible height in talent or soul development unless you have plenty of money. For to unfold your soul and to develop talent you must have many things to use, and you cannot have these things unless you have money with which to buy them.

The Science of Getting Rich

  • Chapter 1 – The Right To Be Rich
  • Chapter 2 – There is A Science of Getting Rich
  • Chapter 3 – Is Opportunity Monopolized?
  • Chapter 4 – The First Principle in The Science of Getting Rich
  • Chapter 5 – Increasing Life
  • Chapter 6 – How Riches Come to You
  • Chapter 7 – Gratitude
  • Chapter 8 – Thinking in the Certain Way
  • Chapter 9 – How to Use the Will
  • Chapter 10 – Further Use of the Will
  • Chapter 11 – Acting in the Certain Way
  • Chapter 12 – Efficient Action
  • Chapter 13 – Getting into the Right Business
  • Chapter 14 – The Impression of Increase
  • Chapter 15 – The Advancing Man
  • Chapter 16 – Some Cautions, and Concluding Observations
  • Chapter 17 – Summary of the Science of Getting Rich

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