Global Mind Shift – Seeing The World From an Expanded Perspective

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The world needs new ideas. We have reached a global milestone where each country is facing the same challenges. We almost have a “butterfly” effect through our interconnectedness, because now local changes have global effects. When we look into the collective, it seems almost as if we are stuck in the past.

It is Time for New Visions
Global MindShift’s mission is to help bring about a new era of cooperation and creativity on the planet.

It is a new way of thinking that can help us find solutions to world problems. It features an expanded perspective about the world we live in and how we can learn to cooperate more successfully. It offers 24/7 worldwide connectivity with others, 13.7 billion years of memory, and the power to improve the future.

Global MindShift is operated by three full-time staff and numerous volunteers. As a 501c3 non-profit, public benefit corporation, their seed funding comes from the Foundation for Global Community, however, they also rely on donations from individuals.

Its basic premise: Underlying the diversity of life is unity. If we can expand our perspective and truly see that all life is intimately connected, it would lead to a radical shift in how we think and act – a global mind shift.

About 35,000 years ago we humans became self-aware, and with that power we have changed the face of the planet. Today, we are under extraordinary pressure to expand our self-awareness into a collective awareness – one that recognizes our unity with each other and all of life. With extraordinary pressure comes extraordinary opportunity. With the power of collective awareness, we can once again change the face of the planet, this time consciously building a world that works for everyone.

While conversation is a form of action, it is not by itself sufficient. New ideas discovered through conversation need to be tested in the real world, and the results fed back to the global community. As they move forward, this website will offer a rich database of ideas and solutions that can be promoted globally, so that others can build and improve on whatís already been discovered.

To build a better world, we need a shared vision of what’s possible, and a process to help get us there. That’s the purpose of these online conversations. Out of these “conversations that matter” are coming creative ideas for action that we can do individually and as a collective.

Here are some samples and ideas:

The New Story
What is our cosmic story? In the last 100 years, science has provided more information on life than in all of recorded history. But what are we to do with that information? Cosmologist Brian Swimme explains why we need a new cosmic story that explains what we now know about the universe, and how that story can provide a pathway into the future of a vibrant life. Video Link

Global Mind Change

It seems like there are many problems in the world, but relax, there’s only really one. It’s how we think. Video Link

1/10,000 of a Second
If you think of Time as a precious resource, how might that change what you do? What’s really important? What really matters? Check out this video for a mind-shifting perspective on Time. Video Link

As the global community grows, so will the opportunities for taking effective action. Global MindShift looks forward to soliciting and testing creative ideas that illustrate what a global mind shift looks like in the real world. The most promising ideas will be used as the basis for their future promotion activities.

Make sure you watch ‘The Wombat’ short video. It’s an awesome clip, that says it all in less than a minute.

For more information visit: Global MindShift

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