Good Intentions Need To Be Followed By Good Actions

By Dawn Mellowship in Intention on June 30th, 2008 / 3 Comments

Good intentions are wonderful. It is fantastic to have good intentions in life. They are a brilliant starting block and you can leap ahead from your good intentions and make powerful moves in life. The problem is that intention is not a solitary  concept, it has a best pal and they work really well together. That crucial comrade is called action and good actions should naturally spring from good intentions. If they do not, the good intentions were futile.

Having good intentions without the subsequent good actions is…well, a bit lazy to be honest. It is one big cop out. It means you can have all the good intentions in the world without ever really having to take any responsibility.

We can say, “I had the good intention to do one hour of exercise today. I had the intention to start a new healthy lifestyle plan. I had the intention to go to bed early. I had the intention to search for a new job. I had the intention to cut down on my alcohol consumption. I had the intention to quit smoking.” And so it goes on and on. We applaud ourselves on our good intentions and settle back down into our cosy little routines, feeling soothed by our well-meaning intentions.

Here is the bummer though, those good intentions we had did not matter a jot because we did not do anything about them. The Universe does not think, “Oh well, they had good intentions to live a good life, lets give them a gold star.” It is not quite as simple as that. Intention gets lonely without action, they are soul mates.

There are many individuals who trudge through life constructing millions of good intentions. They have big plans. Hazard a guess at how many of them actually follow those intentions through? I would guess, not very many, because the world is in a bit of a state and it might not be quite so terrible if everyone followed their good intentions through with good actions….

The world is swarming with people with extremely admirable intentions, but for many that is all they are, just intentions. If they never manage to progress any further than that, nothing good will come of it.

However honorable all our intentions might be, we cannot rest on intention alone. What is more, the action that follows has to be exactly the right action to do justice to that good intention. I once had the worthy intention of being very healthy and fit, but in my ignorance, I was sowing the seeds of my own ill health. I foolishly embarked on a protein only diet, whilst exercising six days a week, running for six miles on many of those days and undertaking many other activities.

Our bodies require a good variety of carbohydrates and my lack of carbohydrates caused me an array of health issues. My intentions were quite good, but I was not aware enough to correctly transmute those intentions into positive actions. I was reckless. If you are going to do something you have to do it properly.

The intention to do it properly, the intention to be good, the intention to change your life for the better has to translate into the right action to match that intention. Saying, “I am going to eat a healthy diet,” and then eating so-called low fat foods that are high in sugar is not a good action, however laudable your initial intention was.

Doctors may have the good intentions of helping patients suffering from depression and anxiety by prescribing them anti-depressants. The reality is that those pills are not dealing with the cause of the problem and a drug is a drug by any other name. World leaders frequently claim to have good intentions, sometimes they may even believe themselves that they have good intentions, but their actions are often quite the opposite. Their intentions may not even really be good intentions to start off with. They just kid themselves that they are. As a species, we excel at self-denial.

If we are going to actively pursue our good intentions we need to understand what we are doing. It is no good just  steaming in full pelt without knowing precisely what action that intention requires to be classified as a successful and worthy one. We have to do our research. Additionally, saying you have a good intention does not automatically mean that the intention is as you would suggest. For the intention to be good it needs to be born out of intuition and not out of your physical or our emotional desires.

Someone with an eating disorder may think that their intention to deprive themselves of food is a good one, but the rest of society would not perceive it in the same way. A mother may view her intention to spoil her child with gifts and bow to his or her every whim to be a good one, but in reality she is failing to teach the child to have respect and values….

Your interpretation of what a good intention is may not be a truthful and accurate interpretation. The only way it can be truthful and accurate, is if that intention is intuitive. The only way you will know if it is intuitive, is if you have a profound connection with your intuition. The only way that intention can be commuted into a good and accurate action, is if you are aware and intuitive enough to act appropriately.

This is how the process should work, your intuition should guide you into forming a right intention, you should take note of that intention and your physical and emotional bodies should translate that intention into the appropriate action. This is the only way to ensure that your intention is the right one in the first place and that the subsequent action is the correct one to follow that intention. Otherwise, life may carry you off on a journey that you are not too keen on traversing. Life only flows as it should when we intend and act as we should.

The best thing you can ever do is to implicitly trust your intuition, one hundred percent. If you can do this, you will not need to spend all your time intending because you will automatically do what you need to do, without any questions. It will happen naturally, as the Universe commands, you will follow the Universe’s lead.

When you trust and follow your intuition, everything you need to do in life becomes instinctive, like taking a step, or taking a breath or blinking an eye. You do not think or mull over it for hours, you do not pine and whine for it, you just do it. Your intentions and actions become one, without any hesitation. You think as you should and do as you should and your life flows exactly as it should.

If you keep trying to achieve something and it just will not manifest, perhaps you are not meant to be doing it in the first place. Perhaps, there is another goal you need to be aiming for. Ask yourself before you pool all your intention into something, if it is what you are really meant to have. If you resolutely ignore the obstacles that are being placed on your path, you may miss out on a golden opportunity that was genuinely the right one for you. You can only be resolute when your intuition commands it.

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Dawn Mellowship is an author, journalist, spiritual teacher and a Reiki practitioner and teacher based in the UK. Her latest self-help book, You Can Only Achieve What is Possible (O Books) is out now and is available from Amazon and all good book stores. For more information please visit the authors website at:

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3 Responses to “Good Intentions Need To Be Followed By Good Actions”

  1. D.Bheemeswar Says:

    Dear Mr.Dawn,

    The article is good to read. I enjoyed reading it. Spiritually speaking if the intentions are good the actions shall also be good, there is nothing called bad in that. Naturally speaking if the intentions are good even if the bad events turn up he/she can change the direction towards the right path, hence the activity again becomes good and well intended. This can be done only by the enlighted persons and not by ordinary ones. It all depends on the perception and the dgree of practicality of the persons.

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