The Next Great Wave of The Future – The Age of Transformation

By Amit Goswami in Evolution on June 24th, 2008 / One Comment

Some politicians love to say that this is the information age. They believe that processing information in such large scale as we are capable of today is the ultimate in our achievement and, therefore, the information age is the golden age of our civilization. This is a very narrow view of the human potential.

What is information?
If you don’t have any information about the answers to a problem, then all answers are equally probable, a not-sodesirable situation. With information, the probability of particular answers grow, and your chance of the getting the appropriate answer improves. So information is certainly useful. But information does not make you happy. Sure it can be exciting to use the e-mail to communicate extensively around the world and gather a large amount of information in a short time. And that may help to keep our worrying mind at bay. It is also an occasionally effective medicine against boredom to go surfing on the internet for information that may come in handy later.

But is your worry gone because you gained information? Is your boredom gone from your extensive exploration of even more information? Hardly. The worrying mind gets anxious about the next item of worry.

Stop net surfing, and the suffering called boredom is back again with gusto. The busy mind has to be kept busy or else it will be unhappy. You can say that the intelligent use of information surfing is not to avoid boredom, but to amass power and money which can bring you happiness. But examine the life of people who have amassed power or money, those very innovative entrepreneurs of enterprises.

Happiness is enjoying a relaxed moment, doing nothing. Are these entrepreneurs doing that? No, they are not capable of enjoying life, of being happy.

I am not saying that information processing is bad, just that it is a quite limited achievement. It gets boring after a while anyway. Surely, you can intuit that there must be more to being human than what power computers bring us. And it’s not just about mental suffering or boredom.

Look around you. There are environmental problems, a by-product of our search for money and power. We are running out of cheap energy! Violence, overcrowding, health care, there are problems galore, and surely you recognize that these problems are not tractable even with the best of information processing.

If information processing cannot give us tangible answers to questions of physical and mental health, of environmental pollution, of energy shortage, of violence and deterioration of society, is there another way to proceed that will give us tangible answers? I am saying that there is another way. Loosely speaking, it is the way of transformation.

But the way is subtle and throughout human history it has been much misunderstood.

What is Transformation?
There are certain qualities of life that we all intuit. Happiness is such a quality. Health is another; beauty, truth, justice, love, are other such qualities.

Transformation is that which gives us effortless access to these qualities of living. Consider an example. You see somebody’s purse lying on the floor of a deserted waiting room of a airport. The thought may come to look inside and take any money or valuables that may be there. But this thought may be followed by other thoughts: what if the owner comes running to recover the purse; or, stealing is not a good thing, I shouldn’t steal; or, it would not be fair to the person to take her valuables.

So as a result of these thoughts, and a little wrestle with your conscience, you leave the purse alone. This is quite normal behavior. But there are people to whom the thought of looking into the purse, or picking it up (except for the purpose of finding the owner) would not even occur. Not stealing, not hurting another person unjustly, would come effortlessly to them.

Transformation enables us to effortlessly live qualities of life that we all covet: happiness, love, and all that. Now here is the confusion that we used to have in our past. In the past, up till now, transformation was considered the goal of human life. Life was regarded as suffering; so as you transcend suffering and become happy, what else is there?

You are liberated from this earthly existence. You have earned your place in heaven. But in a new worldview called the quantum worldview, this interpretation of the goal of transformation can easily be seen to be shortsighted. In the quantum view, heaven is existence, but only in possibility; it is not manifest existence.

So the question becomes pertinent, can we bring heavenly perfection to manifest existence, to Earth? Can we use the power of the transformed mind to deal with the impossible societal problems of violence, energy shortage, ecological destruction, and, most of all, physical and mental health?

There is already talk about ageless body and timeless mind. How do we approach ageless body and timeless mind? I submit that no amount of information processing will get you there. Sorry, fella; information processing is space bound, is time bound. You need to transform.

But if we have ageless body and timeless mind, isn’t that going to contribute to our overpopulation problem, to say the least? Myopic thinking again. The cosmos is very big. So far, advances in our materialist technology not withstanding, we have been exploring it very locally, as timebound people are apt to do. When we extend our being beyond time and space, we have the potential to really become players in the entire cosmic game. Sounds like science fiction? Well, truth can be even stranger than fiction.

The truth is, the information age, despite all the hype, is already passé. The age of transformation is the next great wave of the future. Want to ride it? Then be prepared to explore a new kind of intelligence, supramental intelligence.

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One Response to “The Next Great Wave of The Future – The Age of Transformation”

  1. D.Bheemeswar Says:

    The article is good inreading. Possesing such large information and processing it is really challenging. But it all depends on how we utilize that data for the benefits of mankind. Even history has shown that whenever there was large data of this nature as presently available persons used it for the distruction rather for construction of human values. I say these people as literally illiterate. Better to depend on illiterate rather those who think they are literate but do nothing for the society, but put hurdles every where by down grading the society for their personal mailage and what so ever. Can we call it as transfermation of IT. Does IT makes one so crude and inhumanistic. Any how these are questions to be answered by us to our future generations.

    If we do this we can bring heavenly perfection and manifest it on our EARTH, where every body can live in peaceful atmosphere in communal harmony amd totally serene conditions.

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