Does Hard Work and Education Make You Successful?

By Shawn P Mackey in Abundance, Happiness, Life Purpose, Success on July 21st, 2014 / No Comments

When someone gets so passionate about something it turns into their obsession, it’s catching. It’s that unwavering confidence that produces most of the results. You can have the best education, or you can work from sun up to well beyond sun down and still not make the life you want. Everything begins with your mental state. Your thoughts, specifically, how positive is your mental attitude.

Every thought you make must be positive, and then every action becomes a positive step towards your personal achievement. Once you polish your mental attitude to be always positive, to be that ray of sunshine on an otherwise cloudy day, to be that shimmer of aspiration, or to be that refreshing breath of fresh air, you then realize you have every tool you need. Your subconscious mind takes hold and everything you do from that second on becomes a manifestation of your new positive attitude.

You can obtain these skills quickly or slowly over time. It all depends on how immense your needs are and how well you keep your mind free of fear and stop placing limitations on yourself. Kick doubt to the curb. Keep a positive attitude and gain self-confidence. For self-confidence eliminates the six basic fears from which we all suffer. Your state of mind controls how much you can get back from what you have invested.

I often watch show where guys with no financial experience openinvestment firms and cheat folks of hundreds of thousands of dollars and these same guys sometimes make millions. How do they do it? They have self-confidence and their level of enthusiasm creates others who willingly open their checkbooks and write checks for ridiculous sums of money.

Hopefully, you are not going to rob anyone, but the point is that you must know accurately what it is that you will freely give before you can presume to see any returns on your initial investment.

Wake every morning with the attitude that today is going to be a great day. Have sticky notes of your favorite inspirational messages spread across your house, your car, your work space. Place these messages and photos of why today is a great day. Family photos are great motivators, too. When you practice positive mental attitude on a second to second basis, great things begin to happen and the universe likes when great things happen. The universe will reward you greatly when great things happen.


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