Holistic Manifesting With Conscious And Subconscious Mind

By Enoch Tan in Manifesting Dreams on February 15th, 2008 / 3 Comments

When it comes to manifesting intention, there is a misconception about the principle of what you think about is what you get. Some people have the idea that in order for their intention to manifest, they need to focus on it as much as possible. So they make it almost a habit of thinking about their intention all the time. But then they learn that in order for any intention to manifest, there needs to be a period of temporary forgetfulness so that spirit can do its work uninterrupted. This makes them feel confused.

It seems as though these are contradictory ideas. Think about what you want and you’ll get it versus temporarily forgetting what you intend to create. They wonder if these can be reconciled or do they have to choose one over the other. But most of all, if temporary forgetfulness is required, how would they go about achieving such a thing since thoughts of their intention seem to spring up out of nowhere. In truth, these are not contradictory ideas and they actually work hand in hand with each other perfectly.

It is not your conscious mind but your subconscious mind that does the work of manifestation. You have to think about what you want at the start, and then let it go and let your subconscious mind take over the manifestation process. What you think about is what you get, but it isn’t just your conscious thinking but your unconscious thinking as well that influences what you get. Temporary forgetfulness is when you stop consciously thinking about it, but your subconscious mind still continues thinking about it.

This is how the two ideas of thinking and non thinking are reconciled and working together perfectly. You think with the conscious mind in order to set the subconscious mind into thinking. Then you stop thinking with the conscious mind and allow the subconscious mind to continue thinking about it. Your thoughts have the most amount of creative power when they are empowered by your complete mind. Your conscious mind is the directive power towards your subconscious mind which is the creative power.

Freedom is power. The more freely something is able to move, the more power it’s able to exercise. When you free your conscious mind, you also free your subconscious mind. It is distracting and stressful to work under constant instruction. It’s far more liberating and effective to be given strong instructions at the beginning and then allowed the freedom to act independently. When you allow your subconscious creative powers to function with autonomy, that’s when it can manifest beyond conscious limitation.

Do not focus on something you intend to create to the point that you are obsessed with it. Doing something to an extreme makes it bad. Focusing on what you want too much will reinforce the idea that you do not have it. You should set your intention and then let it go. Surrender to the process and trust the universe to take care of it. It is the feeling that draws it into your space. Set your intention and then let go while enjoying the feeling of knowing that you are taken cared of. Manifest while you are at rest.

Do not consciously think of your intention all the time. It is not your conscious focus but your subconscious focus that carries out the manifestation of your intention. Your conscious focus is only to program your subconscious mind to work on it. There must be periods of time when you are not consciously thinking about your intention. These are moments of letting go where your unawareness allows reality to be in a state of fluidity, where your subconscious mind is free to shift it without conscious interference.

Your conscious mind is only aware of a certain portion of what goes on in reality. Your subconscious mind is aware of the whole workings of the universe including past, present and future altogether. Manifestation is a holistic process where your intention has to work in harmony with universal processes in order to materialize. Everything has to happen in divine timing and order otherwise the entire universe will collapse. Forgetfulness allows your subconscious mind to manifest in the divine timing and order.

The next step to learn after letting go of your intention is what to do when it returns to your conscious mind again. It is a fallacy that you have to force yourself to remain in the state of temporary forgetfulness. It is natural for your intentions to emerge in your awareness from time to time, therefore it is a situation for you to make use of. When your intention comes to mind again, just reinforce it with your conscious focus. This way, you are sending a confirmation signal to your subconscious to continue creating.

Some people tend to think thoughts of their intention not turning out the way their desire when their intention comes to mind again. Therefore they sabotage their process of manifestation with conscious interference. That is why temporary forgetfulness is important so that conflicting thoughts will not enter to spoil the intended work. Then again, since conscious interference is going to happen anyway, you might as well take control and use it in your favor by reinforcing your intention instead of conflicting it.

The whole idea is to set your intent and then detach from it so that it can be brought forth in divine timing and order. When the thoughts of your intent come to you again, you can reinforce them and then let go of them again. Reinforce your intention by maintaining your state of consciousness that things are going the way you intend them to go. Reaffirm that what you want is happening and is continuing to happen. It is like intending once again on top of the previous act of intending to fuel more energy to it.

The way to go about doing it is to send forth your intention strongly with a focused state of mind, and then let it go and do other things. Reinforce your intention from time to time when the thought comes to your mind. That’s how you manifest in the easy and effortless way. You do not spend energy by consciously thinking about your intention all the time, neither do you try to force yourself to maintain forgetfulness of your intention. Go with the flow of thinking and non thinking in terms of natural cycles.

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3 Responses to “Holistic Manifesting With Conscious And Subconscious Mind”

  1. marivic Says:

    great! therefore it is but very helpful that we just have to feed our subconscious mind with all the beautiful things and great imaginations and dream… then, let our subconscious mind flow freely! Surely, it will be transmitted to our conscious mind and then it becomes logical.

    but even more important… i firmly believe that since our subconscious mind deal so much with our emotions, therefore, it has something to do with our soul…. thus, FAITH comes in. our subconscious mind works well with our FAITH.

  2. Pastor Blair J. Lowry Says:

    I notice your article looks at things at one view only, not demonic manifestations ?I have done many deliverances , and casted out many demons. People today deny and over look demonic manifestations in the mind and body. Love to share notes with you if interested . Thanks

  3. bhavesh Says:

    This article is very useful and it is definitely going to help remove the confusion from the minds of people who really want to manifest in there life.Thankyou so much for the wonderful article.

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