Imagine Yourself Depositing a Million-Dollar Check

By Peggy McColl in Prosperity on May 25th, 2008 / No Comments

The dictionary defines a distinction as something that’s different and bears the mark of excellence. When we say someone is a “man of distinction, “we’re expressing that he has something special that other men don’t have. We remark, “How wonderful for him! But of course, I couldn’t have what he has. I don’t have his qualities . . . his style . . . his talents . . . his luck . . . his connections.” Instead of sighing in envy, we can choose to develop the 21 Distinctions of Wealth that allow us to be different and to excel at manifesting abundance. These distinctions give us the power to create all the wealth we desire.

Many of the people I talk to in my work as a life coach tell me that they wish they could experience financial abundance. They speak of wealth as something far out of their reach, something that’s not available to them and is reserved for a special group of people. They can recite a long list of reasons why they can’t have what they hope for and deserve. They don’t realize that the only thing holding them back from achieving wealth is their own limited perceptions and beliefs.

The 21 Distinctions of Wealth are enormously powerful core beliefs held by those who experience abundance. When you truly believe in the 21 Distinctions, holding them in your heart and feeling their energy, you become a magnet for the wealth you seek. You draw to you that which you desire (the Law of Attraction).

It’s not enough to merely read about these gold nuggets of wisdom. If you want to attract prosperity, you must change your thoughts, feelings, and actions and create wealth consciousness—an awareness of the nature of abundance and its flow. When you think and feel like a millionaire, you can become one.

In my previous book, Your Destiny Switch, I explained how you can create the life you desire by working with the power of emotions. As you work with the 21 Distinctions of Wealth, remember that positive emotions are the fuel for your dreams. Allow yourself to feel the full force of them as you think and read about wealth creation. Each of the 21 Distinctions includes affirmations, which, when used properly, will turn up the volume on your positive emotions and actually change your vibrational energy, making you a magnet for money. The key is to move beyond merely reciting affirmations to truly believing them. If you don’t, you might as well be reading from the phone book! When you say, “I am already rich. I was born that way!” you need to believe it with your whole heart and feel the surge of joy you create when you say the words. It’s the energy of your emotions that helps you manifest your desires.

Affirmations are positive, declarative, and in the present tense, because when you express your desires in this way, you’re able to easily create the emotion of abundance. Saying “It would be nice if I had money” creates a feeling of lack and tells the Universe that you don’t have what you desire. Affirming “I love that I have wealth!” lets the Universe know that you’re experiencing abundance, and it responds by sending you situations and circumstances that mirror what you’re feeling.

The mind doesn’t distinguish between reality and what you’re “only” imagining. If you experience a strong sense of abundance and wealth as you imagine yourself depositing a million-dollar check in your bank account, you’ll create the same vibration that you would if you were actually depositing it. So, to manifest wealth and abundance, you must believe that you already have what you want, and you must experience the happiness, satisfaction, enthusiasm, and generosity you would feel if your bank account reflected the bounty you’re experiencing in your heart.

Many people have heard of the Law of Attraction and wonder why they can’t simply decide what they want, think hard about getting it, and sit back and watch as it manifests in their lives. They don’t understand that the Law of Attraction is based on energy. Emotions are a form of energy that’s much more powerful than that of mere thoughts. When you feel wealthy, rich, and overflowing with abundance, you won’t become upset and worry about your bills. Instead, you’ll be energized and enthusiastic about generating money and opportunities for yourself. Creating wealth won’t seem like work.

As you read about the 21 Distinctions, reflect on their wisdom and think about how they apply to your own life. Look at your own experiences of wealth and lack, and see if the 21 Distinctions shed any light on them. My guess is that you’ll awaken to wisdom that you’ve had but not been aware of until now, and you’ll start to truly understand how the Law of Attraction works.

Excerpt from 21 Distinctions of Wealth by Peggy McColl. For more information about Peggy and her upcoming events, please visit

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