Allow Your Intuition to Make Life Easier and More Fun

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On Monday, Ken and Karen were given until Friday to decide whether or not they wanted to transfer to a new department at work. Each morning, the dark circles under Ken’s eyes were more prominent. By Friday morning, he was so worried and weary that his voice trembled slightly when he asked for an extension of the deadline, “I’m exhausted. There are so many things to think about.  I can’t figure out which decision to make.”

Karen’s work situation was virtually identical to Ken’s. Their personal responsibilities and support networks were so similar that they had instantly bonded as coworkers.  Even though Karen had been given the same pressing deadline to make a decision, she showed no evidence of stress.  Apparently, her decision-making was quick and easy.  On Wednesday morning, she informed the supervisor with a confident voice and a thumbs-up sign, “The best choice is clear to me. I’m ready to make the transfer.”

So tired he was almost ill, Ken observed the upbeat skip in Karen’s step with amazement, “How did you sort things out so quickly? Can I have a big spoonful of whatever magic potion you’re on?”

“It’s simple,” Karen responded with a compassionate smile, “I called for help from my Inner Coach––my intuition.”

The Unknown Is Not The Unknowable
Most of us forget to consult our Inner Sage when we agonize about a decision.  Sometimes, we ask for help but doubt the clues we receive. Many of us panic when we don’t immediately receive an answer to a question.

Your inner knowing is a pathway to unlimited possibilities . . . if you develop it. If not, you cheat yourself out of access to the vast network of Universal Intelligence. Intuition is available 24/7. It can make your life seem effortless.

It’s very empowering when you know you don’t have to rely on other people for information, insights, and answers. The more often you link with your spiritual self––the part of you that knows what you don’t yet consciously know––the more you shine your inner light in ways that benefit all of humanity.

Even if you’re already consistently receiving light bulb insights, this article will provide you with new tools that will help you travel to your internal temple of wisdom with greater ease.

Three Simple Steps to Your Inner Sage
Three dependable keys will empower you to connect with the crystal ball inside of you.

  • Shatter myths that block your intuition
  • Discover your unique intuitive style
  • Build your receiving muscles

Blast Beliefs That Block Intuition
In the true story of Ken and Karen, it’s important to understand why Ken struggled with his decision instead of using his intuition to make the best choice. When Karen explained she had called for help from her Inner Coach, Ken frowned.  “Oh, that. I couldn’t get a psychic insight if my life depended on it.”

Karen wanted Ken to get in touch with his mental blocks, so she asked one simple question, “Why?”

Ken was more frustrated now. “Because I don’t have the gift. And I definitely don’t trust the few messages I receive. They haven’t been accurate. This work situation calls for a practical, down-to-earth decision, not a mystical magic carpet ride through woo-woo land.”

Karen,  “Whoa, Ken! We need to blast the myths that are holding you back so you can use all the cards in your deck, not just your intellect.  First of all, intuition isn’t woo-woo.  It’s backed by hard science. It’s also used by scientists, from Albert Einstein to present day geniuses.”

Ken’s forehead had a deep furrow. “You’re telling me Einstein was a psychic?”

Karen chuckled. “Intuition isn’t the same as psychic ability, although many people are both intuitive and psychic. A psychic tunes into external input, like other people’s thoughts and emotions. Intuitive people use the vast resources in their inner library.”

Ken was still skeptical, “But I’m not intuitive. I don’t see visions or hear voices out of the blue. Streams of insight don’t spontaneously pour into my consciousness.”

Karen, “You just haven’t yet learned how to use the natural intuitive gifts you were born with. Do you have a brain and a body? Do you ever sleep at night?”

Ken, “Yeah . . . “

Karen, “Then you have innate intuitive abilities and you’ve had them since birth. I can help you awaken this sleeping giant within you so you can also access your
inner wisdom.

Ken fingered his dark beard thoughtfully. “But intuition is a woman’s gift. The parts of men’s brains involved in intuition perform more like soloists than an orchestra. Entire regions of a woman’s brains communicate. A single area of a man’s brain interacts much less with other areas. Intuition is all about receiving clues, so men are less capable of being sensitive to intuitive information. We also spend more time in our left brains.  Women are naturally intuitive because they operate in the right-brain hemisphere more often than a man.”

Karen was so impressed with the power of intuition that she had taken the time to read scientific studies. “Ken, Someone has fed you a diet of folly and fable. Misconceptions are stifling your ability to use all the resources available to you and enjoy your life more fully. I can cover brain chemistry in depth later, if you
wish. For now, just know the basics. Men aren’t gender disadvantaged. In fact, some men are more intuitive than most women. In addition to Einstein, have you ever heard of inventors Nicole Tesla, Thomas Edison, and Elias Howe? How about guys like John Edward and John Holland?

Ken relented, “Okay, I get the point.”

Karen continued to bolster Ken’s hopefulness with realism. “You’re correct that men’s brains are more compartmentalized, but I can show you ways to tune into your intuitive network. With a bit of practice, you can be as intuitive as you wish. Oh, by the way, intuition is not a right-brain thing. That’s an old line of thinking. Even if you have no connections between your right and left brain, I can show you quick, easy exercises that can increase the integration so you can operate in a more whole-brain way.”

Which Myths Squelch Your Intuition?
Do any of the following beliefs shut down your access to your inner wisdom?

  • Intuition is more available to some people than others.
  • I don’t have intuitive abilities.
  • Intuition is woo-woo, not practical.
  • I’m not intuitive unless I see visions, hear voices, or experience sudden flashes of insight.
  • People who are intuitive instantly receive the answers they seek.
  • Intuitive individuals always know everything in advance.
  • If I don’t struggle to find an answer, it’s not valid.

You’ll be empowered to more easily and quickly gain the benefits your Inner Coach is ready to deliver to you. Visit: and get your free ebooks now.

Reprinted with permission by Doris Helge, Ph.D. Originally published in “Joy on the Job,” © 2008.

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