Journey into the Heart and Mind of the Cosmos

By Jude Currivan in Mystery on November 17th, 2008 / No Comments

Pioneering science and the wisdom teachings of many traditions agree – consciousness expresses itself as energy. All energies are manifested as waves – and it is from the vast and ever changing interaction of these waves of energy that the entire Cosmos, at all levels of experience is continuously created.

When a surfer rides an ocean wave, he or she does so by balancing on a surfboard, which is smoothed and polished to minimize friction and thus enable the surfer to flow freely as the wave rises, crests and falls away.

The surfer doesn’t seek to control the wave but to be in harmony with it. Focused  and present, he or she is alert and balanced – flexible and responsive to the nuances of every moment.

We are all surfers, individually and collectively riding a tidal wave of change.

Whilst we can attempt to cling to the past or grasp at the future, we only have the power to make our choices in the ‘now’ of each present moment. In  the eternal ‘now’, we have the   power to choose to be in harmony with the Cosmos and to make our choices on the  basis of love – or we can choose to only perceive the sometimes chaotic foam on the surface of the wave and make our choices from the continuing illusion of separation and on the  basis of fear.

We can perceive and choose to consciously align with the underlying harmony and purpose, which continually co-creates the physical world and align ourselves with its transcendent source.

And each and every one of us can contribute by choosing to focus our energies to the positive re-envisaging of the world – or remain mired in the negativity which the illusion of separation engenders.

Our familiar experience of the hologram is that it is produced by laser light that is thus coherent and focused.

As our awareness expands and we actively value the wisdom of our hearts and the inner voice of our intuition, our consciousness becomes ever more coherent.

And by attuning our intention to the highest purpose, we become empowered to consciously co-create our realities. What we can imagine, we can become.

Einstein once said that ‘science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind’

Perennial wisdom perceives unified consciousness as the ultimate source of the manifest Cosmos, the transcendent One from which is birthed the essential dance of yin and yang – the means by which consciousness explores the richness and diversity of its own creation. And in the universal experience of tripartite forms and processes – the mediation, resolution and completion of three within One – that wholeness is reconciled.

But the illusion of such expressed separation has become one that we have mistaken as being the only reality. We  have dis-membered our psyche as we have collectively explored its diversity.

It is time to re-member the wholeness of who we really are and to make our choices from that deeper and ultimate reality.  It is time to make our choices from love rather than fear, to include rather than exclude and to co-operate rather than compete.

We are spiritual beings undergoing a physical experience. And each of us is powerful beyond measure.

It is time for us to real-ize this. Empowered  by our highest awareness and held in the presence of the universal heart, we can stand straight and lovingly offer the world our unique gifts.

Together, the resonance of our co-creation is greater than the sum of its parts. And each and every one of us can play our unique role in midwiving Heaven on Earth now.

Heal the whole
The spiritual teacher Sogyal Rimpoche has spoken of how, two and a half millennia ago, the Buddha compared the physical universe to a vast net woven of a countless variety of brilliant jewels, each with a countless number of facets. Each jewel reflects in itself every other jewel in the net and is in fact one with every other jewel. Everything is inextricably interrelated and we come to realize that we are responsible for everything that we do, say or think, responsible in fact for ourselves, everyone and everything else and the entire universe.

We are the jewels of creation and we are the creator.

The final step of any initiation becomes the first step of the next stage of the journey of discovery. It is time for us to take a giant leap.

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