Focus and Perseverance – Two Exceptional Keys to Success

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The secret of success is focus. It is the one secret that ties everything together. According to the law of attraction, what you focus on is what you get. Therefore when you focus on all the qualities of success, you attract them to you. The more you do actions that lead to success, the more success you experience. The success of anything you do begins with focus. That’s when you call all your powers together for the accomplishment of a thing. Focus is an act of will which is the faculty that rules everything.

When you sit down to do a piece of work that requires thinking, you may not receiving inspiration at first. But when you focus on the work at hand, you will start to attract thoughts about it that you can work on. Then those thoughts will attract more thoughts and before you now it, you are in the flow. Each time you come to a stop, continue to focus and you will find yourself moving again. This is the secret of creating from nothing. You attract all the parts of the work together simply by using the power of focus.

The lack of focus is the reason for failure. When you are procrastinating, hesitating, dragging and stopping, it is because you are focusing on the stuff that takes your focus away from the stuff that contributes to your work. Focusing on the problems causes lack of focus on the solution. Focusing on the negative causes lack of focus on the positives. Focusing on other things causes lack of focus on the primary thing. Therefore if you want to achieve maximum and fastest results, keep your eye on the ball.

Perseverance is what you continually focus on. There are people who fail to persevere because they keep switching focus. They think and act in a certain direction and then they think and act in the opposite direction. Each time you move away from what you want, you erase the movement you have made towards it. Therefore it is not going to work if you keep moving towards what you want but are also moving away oftentimes. True perseverance is sticking in one direction most of the time all the way.

Many huge tasks seem impossible to tackle at one go. That is why many people do not undertake them. Only a few accomplish the great. Their secret is in working one step at a time. Think of it as attempting to destroy a large rock. You can’t smash it into smithereens with one hit if you are using a small hammer. But if you keep chipping away at it, you will start to see it come apart bit by bit over time, until finally it lays in many pieces before you. These is how your biggest dreams can be realized.

Sometimes a lot of work is done for a long time but there seems to be no results on the surface, that does not mean that nothing is being accomplished. There is an Asian Bamboo species that even after five years of watering, weeding and fertilizing is barely visible. Then in a span of about six weeks it grows two and a half feet a day to ninety feet and higher. It grows so fast that you can literally “hear” it growing. It was developing a massive root system that would later support it’s magnificent growth.

How fast your success comes depends on how much you focus in the right direction compared to how much you focus in the wrong direction. Focusing in the wrong direction is what causes doubt, fear and worry. When you allow yourself to be distracted by other things that catch your mind, you will attract less power to do the work that you are supposed to do. Therefore it is important to cut yourself from unhelpful things as much as possible so that you free yourself to focus fully for optimal success.

When you undertake a task to the fullest, put other things out of your mind. The more you allow your focus to wander away, the slower you will be in accomplishing it. Keep yourself in the state of mind for the work as much as possible and you will keep moving ahead with it. Focusing on doing what you do is how you practice putting the law of attraction in action. It’s also the way by which you develop and exercise your powers of reality creation. The greater you are at focusing the more successful you are.

All power is mental power, and the secret of mental power lies in the power of concentration. Mental power is the universal power that is fully available to all beings in the universe. But it is the quality of concentration that determines the various levels of manifestation of mental power between men. A gun loaded with a thimbleful of gunpowder will do more force than a barrel of it burned in the open air. It takes a greater force to overcome all other lesser forces. He who has a firm will shapes the world.

Focus is how you create the habits of success for yourself. The more you think thoughts and do actions that create success, the more you attract like thoughts and actions. Anytime you want to break the habits of failure, all you have to do is to hold focus on the thoughts and actions that create success. It is difficult at first as you will be drawn back by the energies of current thoughts and actions. But if you persist enough, you will break free like a rocket that escapes the gravitational field of the planet.

All these is for the development of your being. To experience success, you must be success. You must be the qualities of success. Success is simply the result of things being accomplished. There are many requirements in order for something to be accomplished. They are the qualities required to initiate, continue and refine a process until it is complete. The work towards success is to develop focus, courage, wisdom, will, faith, flexibility and perseverance in you to experience who you are as a divine creator.

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