Landmark Study Reveils Key Intentions of Green Angels

By Aviva Engel in Research on November 27th, 2006 / One Comment

Green AngelsBank of America announces their initial findings of landmark philanthropy study. In this study some key findings surprised me, such as:

– Rich people feel that giving back to society is more important than leaving a legacy.

Joseph Campbell (perhaps the foremost scholar of mythology) says, “money experienced as life energy is indeed a meditation, and letting it flow out instead of hoarding it is a mode of participation in the lives of others. There’s a beautiful thing that can grow out of a life devoted to money that surprised me.”

– Charitable giving increased over the last 5 years.

– Entrepreneurs are generous donors, and so are those who inherited their wealth.

A self-made billionaire who did not graduate from Virginia Tech has announced his gift of $2 million to that University’s College of Engineering. His philanthropy is the result of a long-term relationship with Paul and Dot Torgersen of Blacksburg, Virginia, whose lawn he used to mow. Today, that young man is the CEO of Google.

– Wealthy donors support a broader array of causes.

– Wealthy donors report that tax considerations are far less important to them than commonly assumed. Their giving would stay the same even if there were zero income tax deductions for gifts to charity.

Joseph Campbell, who has been a huge influence in my life, shares a beautiful experience of a man with money. He was a trustee of the Bollingen Foundation, which was founded by Paul Mellon, an enormously wealthy man. “He and his wife had been in analysis with Carl Jung when the war came and they had to leave Switzerland. They asked Jung what they could give him in the way of a gift to express their gratitude for what he had done. He suggested they establish a foundation for the interpretation and study of symbols. That’s what they did, and it is an example of a lot of money put to the right use. The influence of that Bollinger Series on the literature and science of America has been enormous. Without that money it would never have happened.”

– Those who write checks are also likely to volunteer their time; and the more time volunteered, the bigger the check.

I was reading this study and it was the 2nd time this month that I had to examine my beliefs around rich people The first was when reading “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker. By the way, I highly recommend reading it. It’s a fascinating perspective about money and being rich. Most importantly, the book asks that you examine your beliefs about money. It helped me realize that I inherited many of my beliefs from my family and friends, beliefs which no longer served me on my path to creating abundance and prosperity.

Interestingly enough, a few years before I decided that, I was going to buy a house because I was sick and tired of paying rent and not having anything to show for it. I was paying my landlord’s mortgage, when I could be using that money to pay my own mortgage. Then I would have something down the road for myself. All I needed was to gather enough money for a down payment, which was not a lot, but at the time was more than I had.

Once I made this intention, I started asking myself, “what can I do to create this money, and what is impeding me?” The answer to the first part was easy, just work more hours or get a second job. Working hard was easy for me then, as I had the belief this is how one makes money. The second part was a bit hazy, as I was a novice at getting to my own core beliefs. It was like the braille method, as I had no skills then how to explore beliefs. It felt a bit scary; my mind tried to trick me, but I was determined that I could do it.

One huge belief came flying to the surface, which was – I don’t want to be rich and be like “them.” The “them” were the rich folks that were the “bad guys.” Somehow, I was conditioned to believe that if you are spiritual or a good person, you can’t be rich, because rich people are greedy. I was shocked that I was walking around with these beliefs; no wonder I was always struggling with money! These invisible beliefs around money were impeding my goal. Once I shifted my beliefs to align with my intention, manifesting my dream became a reality.

In The Millionaire Mind, Harv says, “If you can be an example for anything, it would be that you can be a kind, loving, caring, generous, and spiritual person, and be really fricken’ rich. I strongly urge you to dispel the myth that money is in any way bad or that you will be less “good” or less “pure” if you are wealthy. My friends, being kind, generous, and loving has nothing to do with what’s in your wallet. Those attributes come from what is in your heart. Being pure and spiritual have nothing to do with what’s in your bank account; those attributes come from what’s in your soul. Money will go through hundreds of people and create value for all of them.”

Joseph also shared that when he was younger he had a certain disdain for people who gave their lives to making money. “Now that I have made money, in dealing with it I’ve had to be in touch with people whose business is money, whose whole life has been in that field, and I’ve had an interesting experience: I’ve met some magnificent people.”

In today’s life, money has become for me a facilitating energy force, which in turn, allows me the joy of giving to myself and others. Sometimes I wonder when I give, who’s really receiving. The answer is both – the recipient and the person who’s giving.

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One Response to “Landmark Study Reveils Key Intentions of Green Angels”

  1. Clarence Holliman Says:

    This article once again renew’s my faith in the gift of giving. I am a firm believer in Tilthing. The more you give, the more you shall receive. This has proven itself throughout the ages. Oprah is beyond doubt one of the biggest givers by far.

    Along with such names as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and so many others. There are hundreds of tilthing clubs springing up everyday,who are pooling there money together for worthy causes. All being done in the gift of giving.

    It just feels so good to konw that someone has been touched by your monetary gift. And your blessing are always around the corner waiting on you.

    Give from your heart and you will not fail.


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