The Law of Attraction Made Simple

By Valerie Dawson in Visualization on August 29th, 2008 / 7 Comments

The basic principles to the law of attraction are simple. If you can follow these and be completely honest about these steps you will be able to manifest what you want.

The law of attraction is base in the law of the universe in which you are the creator of your reality. You have created everything in your reality including your eggshell of limitations.

What is the Law of Attraction/Vibration?
It is the vibration in which you are flowing. Vibrations are energy and everything is made up of energy. Everything is vibrating, if it where to cease vibrating it would cease to exist. This energy flows in positive and negative polarities. The idea is to flow in the positive and thus you will attract more positive.

Concepts to the law and why?
If you have read any books or watched any films on the law of attraction it will cover certain things that are a must do. Some will cover in depth on the why but for the most part it almost seems like a trade secret. I will explain some of the concepts and the ‘why’ behind it.

The Secret to Gratitude
Feeling gratitude for what you have is supposed to help you in the process because you are giving thanks for the things that you have. It will help you get yourself to a place of acceptance of new things to come into your life. Be grateful for what you have and feel positive for and you will attract more positive.

The secret to gratitude is the feelings associated with being grateful. It is not the words you use but the feelings behind the act. You could be grateful for ‘anything’ it is the feeling that you are vibrating in that matters. Focus on anything that brings you happiness and allow yourself a good feeling of total gratitude. The next time you are eating a delicious sandwich, enjoy it and flow in that positive feeling of gratitude.

The Secret to Visualizing
The idea is to picture yourself owning or having what ever it is you want. You should visualize and pretend that it is yours already and this will help you manifest it in your life.

Visualizing and pretending that you have it already and placing yourself in that moment emits a vibration of have. This is the secret to visualizing something, eliminate the want and see it as something that is already yours. The problem is that we will hinder our own thought by thinking of the lack. You do not lack it if you understand that it is yours already.

The Secret to Asking
You are supposed to ask for what you want. You can look at something or a situation and say “I want that.” And in asking you begin the first process of manifesting.

The secret is to be very clear on what it is you want. It is a good idea to determine what it is you do not want in order to make your want clear. There is also no need to speak it out loud or even make it a declaration. That is putting too much focus on the words. The moment you have a feeling of want, that vibration is where you are flowing. That is a vibration of lack, so you will turn it around with the next two steps.

The Secret to Believing
This is where you believe that it is on its way to you. You know that it will be yours as if you ordered it from a catalog. The idea is to believe that it will show up soon.

The secret to this step is in acknowledging the process in which these steps are associated. The feeling behind the first step was lack, feeling behind this step is “it is on its way” this is monumental. Pay attention to the way you feel about it coming to you, it is a matter of knowing that it is right around the corner.

The Secret to Receiving
This is the step in which you allow it to arrive. In which you are ready for it to get there. Your actions are inline with what is on its way to you.

The secret here is to associate it with the other two steps. First step is associated with lack feelings. The next step is associated with “it’s on its way”. The last step is “It’s mine”. It would be like knowing that you are getting a check on Friday, you live every aspect of your life in accordance of your paycheck arriving on Friday. You have no doubt in your mind and you make plans and get ready for it. This is the same feeling that should be associated with receiving what you asked for.

The last step is the one that determines how quickly it manifests in your life. If you were able to get yourself to a place of absolute doubtless faith it would come immediately.

About the author:
Valerie holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work, and has been a counselor and hypnotherapist for over 16 years. She is a member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists and the International Hypnosis Federation. Valerie has had extensive training in the most effective hypnosis weight loss hypnosis methods.

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7 Responses to “The Law of Attraction Made Simple”

  1. Tracy Crowe Says:

    I think that what stops most people from following these instructions are the unconscious limiting beleifs they have about themselves. I know that I can’t just have faith it will come if I beleive I am not good enough or incapable or something else limiting. And without that faith, none of this works. It is very hard to get excited about receiving something if you aren’t sure that it will come.

    I think gratitude is definately important. It is all a matter of how you see your situation. No badly off you are, there is almost certainly someone who is even worse off. It’s easier to feel gratitude when you think of them than when you think of the person who has everything you want for yourself.

  2. Law of Attraction Expert Says:

    Believing that things are our already is huge. I helps us be in the now attitude. This leaves us no other choice than have gratitude for what we have.

  3. Tessa Says:

    Hi There

    My only question to you is how come when you want something so badly and meditate so hard for it feel as though its yours then you loose everything?

  4. Smile Says:

    Hello everyone, I think that this article is on the right path, many people now are starting to communicate similar thoughts.
    Would like to just encourage everyone to feel positive and look on the bright side. Dear Tessa, who wrote on 21.05.2012, for example, I doubt that you have “lost everything”. You are still alive (I hope), and you definitely have the ability to read and write and you have access to Internet and time to write comments… that is already a lot, and many people don’t have this. That’s a great step to just sit and think “I am grateful I am alive, I live in a country with internet and ability to voice my opinion, I have access to computer”. And in case if your “want it so badly” is to do with relationship (or any other issue for that matter) – I am learning daily that if you want something – you have to start my working on personal growth first. Be the person, you want to have around. Be your best self. And since “best” is infinite, then the way you achieve it is by continuing to do self growth and improve your self in the way your heart tells you to. Hope you will find your path soon. And don’t forget to smile. To everyone you meet, if you do it genuinely all the time – your life will change for the better. And if you want an answer to “how come” part of your comment – well honestly, I am pretty sure that it is not what your heart TRULY desires. You have to do self growth first and find out your purpose in life. The rest will follow. Best :-))

  5. Smile Says:

    Another comment, also you need to heal first, without healing old stuff it is really hard to be fearless and open minded. And that is required for breaking limiting beliefs and growing.

  6. LEX Says:

    i find it very confusing on the “be the best person you want to have” does it necessary means that if you want to have a pretty girlfriend, you should be handsome in order for you to have that kind of person? i have been struggling for so many years to have that kind of person who is pretty(it’s not bad to have that kind of person right?) but i have no confidence and luck to have one because i don’t know how to start a conversation with a girl and if chances strikes rejection is always my worst enemy.

    i have nothing against your comment “smile” but i want clarification.. thank you so much

  7. Smile Says:

    Dear LEX, thank you for writing your question, very brave of you. 1.- It is definitely ok to like “pretty” girls/guys, we are made that way. I think that “pretty” is different for everyone. You might like 1m80 blonde, blue eyes, skinny as a stick type girls, and your best friend might like a girl with a bit of meat on the bones (or more), brunette and rather small type… it really depends. Plus even though many guys want to “be” with the 1m80 blonde, many marry really nice, caring and loving “brunettes”. 2.- If you look around, many “average” looking guys do get to have a very pretty looking girls. Looks is really not everything (many girls want smart, caring and understanding guys). 3.- Actually if a girl judges you only by your look (and if a guy does the same) then it is really not a good idea to pursue that kind anyway… looks fade, but a good heart (if continues to grow and self-develop) becomes better. 4.- A personal note: recently I really had a complete turnaround in my thinking and behavior, and I notice that the more I work on myself (spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically) the “better” quality guys get attracted to me. This is what I mean by “being the person you want to have around”. The better I become (according to my standards) the better people I meet. And not just for romantically stuff, just friends too. 5.- Please note, not just “have” but “have around”. We can never “have” someone else. The only thing we can do is work on OUR own self. You can not change others, only yourself. 6.- By the way once you do start changing – many of your old “friends” will disappear (unless they are also willing to grow). And that will feel a bit lonely at times, but don’t worry, very soon you will meet new people who are more “attuned” (like in the article above “vibrations”) to the “newer” you. (and later even some of those new friends will have to go… nothing is constant, it’s like a river, constantly changing- and the best thing you can do is to not try to resist the flow). 7.- You know what LEX, in my personal experience when I am “struggling” with something (work, relationship, life style) it probably means that I am not flowing with the “river” of my life. That is not to say that you have to work to achieve your goals, or put in effort when you are in a relationship, but if you are “working” very hard and it really is not going in the right direction – the best solution is to sit down quietly, stop and try to think/feel whether it is truly what you desire. 8.- If it is truly that which you desire, and you are working hard, and you still want it, then ask yourself : are there any ways in which I am sabotaging my own success? Like how H. Ford said: “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right”. (Again this is about the Laws of Attraction and energy vibrations, where like attracts like). If, for e.g. you are qualified for a job, say a hairdresser, but for a job interview you turn up without being confident in your own skills (negative emotion that you will not get the job) – you will 99% NOT get it. Whereas you probably see (across many fields) several people who will get the job due to “luck and confidence”, even though they are not qualified for it. Same with relationships. So, 9.- I think (and I am not trying to be mean in any way, I think it is rather “normal” and many people are in the same situation as you) that you have hit the nail right on the head when you said that “I have no confidence” – when you have no confidence it does not matter what you say, it will not “come out right”. With the right set of mind you can say pretty much ANYTHING (well may be don’t try calling a large person a “fatty” or racist type comments) and with will be a great conversation starter. WHat is probably more frustrating for a girl is when a nice guy comes up, talks about the weather, seems to like the girl, and seems to be an interesting person, gets a fear of “rejection” and doesn’t ask for a phone number. Really sad. YOu made it all the way to coming up and saying “hi” to then just “chicken out”. Hey “rejection” does hurt, I do know. But what I also know is when I am the one “rejecting” – it is usually MY own insecurities that are talking, the guy in question can well be a good guy, but it is me who chickens out and decides that “oh he really can’t be interested in me, my but is waaay to big (or whatever)”. 10.- And so “rejection” (even when it hurts you ego and humiliates your ego) (please note YOUR EGO, it does not hurt YOU, the true and great you) is nothing but a projection, (either yours on her, like “oh no I will not get this hairdressing job”; or hers on you “my but is too big for him to like me”). 11.- Again all the fears in general (including fear of rejection), issues with lack of confidence, issues with looks, etc. all are just superficial things. They are just fears imbedded into our psyche by the society, friends, parents, ourselves. Once we start working on our self development and growth – that does involve working on our fears and past “hurts”. When we dig deeper and uncover more fears and more things – it is actually amazing what you can find. Like personally I would say I had a great childhood. Or that was what I would usually tell people when asked. Then recently I decided to get to the bottom of my little “I don’t like this and this relative” feelings. Wow, I discovered sooo much stuff. And it’s like being blindfolded and someone is punching you. You HAVE A CHOICE to take the blindfold down and see who is punching you, why, and either punch back, talk it out, or walk out of the room. Just that up until recently I did not even know I had a blindfold on. And I think that many people don’t know that too. But once you do realize where your fears come from – you can either be more vigilant (like seeing a green car triggers and ice-cream eating pattern -for e.g.) so when you see a green car – you can start remembering to take a breath, count to 10 and DECIDE to not eat ice cream, even though a green car has upset you when you were 5 y.o.. Or you can make sure that you never see a green car ever again, like move to an island. Or you can decide to buy a green car and familiarize yourself with it, take mechanics courses and beat your childhood fear. THE CHOICE IS YOURS. And forgive the car for being green and yourself for being fearful. It’s ok, we ALL have fears, just that some fears are deeper than others. But slowly you can make your fear triggers work for you. Like instead of eating ice cream – go for 1km run every time a green car scares you. 12.- I am a firm believer that physical EXERCISE is a great way to get more confidence in yourself. Not only that it gives endorphins, but also the time you spend exercising equals to less time spent pitying yourself and thinking about your fears. You know the phrase “treat other like you want to be treated”, well I kinda think that it is more like “I treat myself the way I want others to treat me”. Like if you think you are not getting the hairdressing job – the employer is not gonna give it to you. Because YOU have decided to be treated as “non-employment” person. Oh, and on “luck” – did you notice that the more positive people tend to be more lucky? Again law of attraction and vibrations – like attracts like. So CHOOSE the perspective you want to have and act accordingly and the right people will find you. (well if you do choose to sit in your room all day – that is YOUR choice too). Best :-))

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